‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’: Do you buy Courtney Robertson’s story?

They’re back…

It’s strange that we were excited for “The Women Tell All” more so than many episodes of “The Bachelor” this season, but it’s true — there was just so much drama boiling over here that we thought that the random crying people in the audience were going to be forced to run for their lives.

There’s no way that we can detail every tear-jerking, hilarious, or dramatic moment during the reunion … but here are some of the highlights from Ben Flajnik’s edition.

The random “Bachelor Pad 3” audition – We love that some of the people attending the “Bachelor reunion” in Las Vegas actually acted like it was something other than an audition for many of the people to be on the summer reality series.

Granted, we were at least happy to see some of these faces again — including a personal favorite in Will Schuester Smilin’ Ryan Park, who has traded in conversation about water heaters to being quite the ladies’ man with women from various seasons.

As for some of the more surprising names in attendance, we had our first real look at Ed Swiderski since he split from Jillian Harris — as well as a newly-single Ali Fedotowsky talking with Frank for the first time since he left her at the end of her season to go back to an old girlfriend. As it turns out, he and this girl Nicole are still together — yet the show somehow still made an effort to act as though there was still a chance for Ali. (Really? Somewhere, Nicole is throwing popcorn at her TV.)

Samantha goes berserk – Speaking of “Bachelor Pad” auditions, no one was trying harder for airtime than “beauty queen” Samantha Levey. She yelled at various people, fought for no good reason, and even interjected herself into conversations that had nothing to do with her.

What makes this even funnier is that Ben ultimately sent Samantha home (during a date, no less) for whining and being too high-maintenance on the show, and then she spent this entire show complaining about other people.

Who is she?!

Elyse retracts “Who is she?” – We had quite a bit of fun with this quote earlier this season, mostly because it produced the photo to the left and created one of the most ridiculous fights we’ve ever seen. Basically, Elyse uttered the famous three words after Shawntel Newton turned up at the mansion to court Ben. Elyse actually had one of the tamer reactions when it came to what she actually said, but we still love this more than just about any other moment.

Elyse had a few things to say about herself when Shawntel came out during the show:

1. She actually knows who Shawntel is.

2. She regrets being so mean.

3. She really was just reacting to the situation rather than just reacting at Shawntel herself.

Emily’s statement about Ben – We don’t have much to say here, but we love what Emily proclaimed during this show about Ben. If someone is not going to want to hear your concerns, then why be with them?

Courtney’s return – You would need a chainsaw to cut through the tension that was present the moment Courtney walked out on stage. The girls attacked her (and appropriately so) for some of her comments made about them during the show, and it didn’t even matter that she tried to be remorseful.

Was this an act, or did Courtney really feel some trace of remorse? The editing tried to make it look like she was smiling during some inappropriate times, but at the same time we don’t really know her so it’s hard to judge if she was faking this apology or being genuine. We do imagine it has to be tough to have your friends and family dragged through the mud, and it probably doesn’t also help that there are some pretty nasty rumors flying out there about herself.

The most important thing that we can learn from Courtney? That just like there are consequences to being nasty to people on Twitter, there are just as many consequences to going on TV and pretending to give “kill shots” while quoting Charlie Sheen.

Enter Ben – We were actually pretty terrified by how nice all of the women were to Ben, in particular Jamie saying that she still wants to date Ben if things don’t work out with the girl he picked. (Um … didn’t he already reject you?) The only thing stranger than Jamie’s desperation was Jennifer saying “no offense” to Blakeley before saying the most offensive thing ever about how she was stunned to have gone home before her.

To close things off with Ben, we had a montage showing some “funny moments” from his show — and strangely, many of them still included him taking off his pants.

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