Susan Boyle fires back at Ricky Gervais over controversial comments

Deborah Wilbanks
Boyle is firing back.

Ricky Gervais, meet your her new adversary … and her name is Susan Boyle. Before we get to what the “Britain’s Got Talent” singing sensation had to say about the Golden Globes host, let’s focus first and foremost on what exactly it was that Gervais said that caused her to speak out to begin with:

What’s the context? It was during his standup special “Science” that aired on TV last year, and Gervais was discussing how Boyle’s appearance in her “BGT” audition was what ended up making her a star to begin with. Basically, he claimed that “there is no better word” to describe the singer than a derogatory term for someone with Down’s Syndrome. (We don’t really need to put it here to make our point, but you can see part of the routine over at this link.)

In a new interview with The Sun,¬†Boyle said that Gervais’ comments were ultimately senseless and caused her to lose some respect for some of his skills when it comes to comedy:

“I can take whatever Ricky says, because I’ll tell you something. He’s the one with the problem, not me …¬†Ricky’s a talented man, but he’s wasted himself with those comments.”

Of course, Gervais has never been someone to sit idly by while someone talks about him — and with that in mind, he has since posted on Twitter that the media misinterpreted the meaning of what he was saying during his comedy show when it came to Susan:

“Isn’t it funny that none of the reports on the Susan Boyle gag mention that within the actual routine I say I don’t mean Down’s Syndrome……And that the routine is about reverse image exploitation and the changing meaning of words. Have they watched the actual routine? No”

So who is right? Ultimately, the issue here is that Gervais typically gives himself license to mock everyone in whatever way he chooses to — and this leads to him offe

What do you think about Susan and the media’s reaction to Ricky’s comment?

Photo: Deborah Wilbanks

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