‘Once Upon a Time’ at PaleyFest: The curse, The Little Mermaid among topics

More answers are coming!

On the same exact day that “Once Upon a Time” was airing its new episode “Dreamy,” a number of the show’s cast members along with co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz took part in a lengthy panel at PaleyFest in Los Angeles. The panel here was really an exercise of “how much you can say,” mostly because so many questions were left with cryptic responses, rolling eyes, and attempts to cover up the truth with humor.

Nonetheless, we have a few highlights worth sharing to go along with the lengthy video of the discussion below.

-There are a number of recurring characters that we can hope to see again, including The Huntsman (even though Sheriff Graham is dead in Storybrooke),¬†Maleficent¬†(who is mostly limited in appearances by Kristin Bauer being on “True Blood”), and Emilie de Ravin’s Belle. Neither Kitsis nor Horowitz were worried about Giancarlo Esposito (the Magic Mirror / Sidney) getting a new pilot, mainly since they know from “Lost” how to work out schedules so that actors can come in and contribute to the story from time to time. (Emilie has also signed on to another pilot, though it is on ABC still.)

-When it comes to the mysterious August and what he is planning to do with Henry’s book, we should know his role by the end of the season.

-Jennifer Morrison confirmed that Emma still does not believe what Henry is telling her about Storybrooke being a cursed fairy-tale world, and this is really what is keeping the plans to undo it from moving forward at the moment.

-In an upcoming episode, we will learn why exactly the Evil Queen and Snow White hate each other so much, and meeting the Queen’s mother should also help to explain why is the way that she is.

-In addition, we also will see Jiminy Cricket playing a valuable role again in some capacity both in the fairytale world and as Archie the therapist. After all, Mr. Gold needs somebody to talk to…

-As for new characters, the reference to the Little Mermaid from earlier this season is not forgotten. Kitsis and Horowitz claim that they plan to address the character during season 2, which led Lana Parrilla (the Queen) to joke that she wanted to transform into Ursula. (We expect to see them run through their visual effects budget in a week thanks to this.)

-The mystery involving Kathryn’s disappearance should be resolved over the course of the upcoming few episodes.

-The writers are currently working on the season finale, and although the ratings easily are enough to justify a season 2, the producers emphasized that everyone needs to keep watching. After all, it’s not often we have serialized entertainment as good as this on primetime TV.

What do you want to see happen moving forward this season?

Photo: ABC

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