‘Pretty Little Liars’ preview: Duncan’s arrival furthers Alison mystery

There is plenty coming up.

Monday night, “Pretty Little Liars” is going to bring us another step closer to resolving the “A” mystery … though in the process, they are going to work on tying up some other loose ends, as well.

First things first, we have to deal with the return of Toby to the show. Ever since Spencer lied to him about cheating in order to push him away, she’s been able to make him safe while at the same time making herself miserable. Unfortunately, Toby’s return is not going to lead to her learning how to smile again — especially when she finds out that he has been helping out Jenna recovering from an eye surgery. (Yes, Jenna is one step closer to have a working set of eyes … be afraid!)

As for Hanna, she and Emily are going to be trying to fight the good fight — which for them means putting pressure on Hanna’s mom to get her a new cell phone. (Has Hanna already forgotten that she was the one who chucked her phone into the sink?)

While critics of the show are probably going to claim that this whole phone drama is petty and juvenile, the way in which the show does it is a perfect representation of how complex the emotional dynamic here really is. While Hanna’s mom thinks that she is being petty by trying to keep a secret from her, in reality she is trying to protect her from “A” and doesn’t want to tell her everything that is transpiring.

Ultimately, it’s rare to find teenage characters who have responsible motives within seemingly-irresponsible actions.

Now, we turn to the primary “A” storyline. Last week, we were introduced at the very end of the episode to Duncan — a man who mistook Aria for Alison’s alter ego Vivian. We are going to find out a good bit more about who this guy is during the episode, and he is going to have some valuable information about Alison / Vivian that could completely change the perception about when and where the girl was actually murdered.

Is someone else posing as Vivian, or is Duncan really just misled on when it was that he last saw her? These are questions that hopefully this episode will answer.

What are you most excited to find out during this episode?

Photo: ABC Family

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