TV moments of the week: an Oscars gem and a real ‘Idol’ judge

These judges need help!

In this week’s edition of the top TV moments of the week, we are looking at everything from awkward acceptance speeches to a show that has finally found its footing. Of course, our work would not be done unless we brought up one of the worst “Dancing with the Stars” casts in recent years.

With that … here we go!

TV moments of the week

Jim Rash at the Oscars – In what may be a sign of how ho-hum the Academy Awards this year really were, we’re talking about a tiny unplanned moment over just about anything else on the show.

The fact that “Community” star Jim Rash has an Oscar is crazy enough (in an awesome sort of way), but then he made it all the better by mocking Angelina Jolie’s “showing off the leg” stance as a presenter.

Jimmy Iovine – We were thrilled to have “American Idol” enter the live rounds, but what was even more welcome than anything was seeing the show give Jimmy Iovine some substantial time to give his impressions of the stars.

From the moment Iovine started handing down his blunt critiques, you could tell that the contestants were spoiled by the “beautifuls” of Steven Tyler. Many were offended that someone could be this harsh — though we did love Heejun Han pretending that he didn’t know who Jimmy was.

We have a winner!

Paul wins! – Bravo has become the official network of milking shows to the last drop. How else do you explain the home stretch of “Top Chef: Texas” feeling like it lasted for months?

Nonetheless, we were thrilled to see Paul Qui end up taking home the title this season — he was the most consistent of any of the chefs, and it also kept us from having a winner that spent a good two episodes complaining about one of her fellow contestants.

Now that the competition part of the show is over, we are going to be waiting for quite some time in order to have TV make us this hungry again.

The return of “The Office” – Yes, “The Office” has been on constantly for several seasons — but after watching the past few episodes, it feels like we are back to where we were several seasons ago.

Catherine Tate has brought such a fun new energy to the show, and her chemistry with both Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski is rather hilarious. Plus, isn’t it great to see Ryan have something to actually do with himself again? We almost wish a part of the cast could stay in Florida at the Sabre Store. (Read more in our article here.)

Worst TV moment of the week – The “Dancing with the Stars” cast. We wish we could more excited about this. We really do. But Katherine Jenkins, Roshon Fegan, and William Levy? If we’re watching a show so that we can discover new people, then we would just watch a show that does not advertise “Stars” in the title. At the moment, Sherri Shepherd and Jaleel White are the only two people we are excited to see.

What were your favorite moments of the week? Feel free to share in the comment box and the poll below!

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