‘American Idol’s’ James Durbin weighs in on Colton Dixon’s piano stunt

Durbin says he did the piano bit first

On Tuesday night ‘American Idol’s’ season 11 boys took the stage and gave it their all to land a place in the top 13.  One of the standout performances of the night was given by Colton Dixon, who jumped on a piano and belted out Paramore’s hit single ‘Decode’, but one Idol alumni saw the performance and thought it looked ‘familiar’.

In season 10 of Idol we watched James Durbin climb on top of a piano during his performance and then later set it on fire. After watching Colton’s performance, Durbin posted a comment on his Twitter account that got everyone talking.  He wrote; “Havnt I seen a lot of that performance somewhere before? Looked kinda familiar…”

While the Twitter post seemed to be a dig at Colton’s originality, the Hollywood Reporter decided to dig a little deeper into the comment and find out what Durbin actually meant by it.  Durbin said;

“I was definitely implying something. I mean, I’m not starting any fan war here, but I remember Colton from last season. He was in the top 40 and sang that same song in the sing-for-your-life round. He did it his style, which is very singer-songwriter, kind of indie rock, like The Fray. He said, ‘I’m going to surprise people.’ So he’s sitting down at the piano, and it’s kind of like, ‘Ok, this is not surprising.’ But then he jumped up on the piano. And as all my fans know and anyone who watched last season would know, I jumped up on a piano. I did the whole piano bit and set it on fire and did my homage to Jimi Hendrix during Elton John Week.”

“I just wanted Colton to stay true to who he is and he knows who he is, but that stage can change people. I’ve seen it happen. Like on the results night, me and my family were watching and they pan over to him in a black V-neck, brown hair with a blonde streak in a faux hawk — that was my haircut, like, the entire season. And I’m not ragging on anyone, it’s just kind of funny. Originality is key especially on American Idol because they’ve seen it all before. You’ve got to be something different.”

We have to admit that when we first saw Colton Dixon we saw similarities between him and James Durbin, however on the flip side many people saw similarities between what Durbin was doing and what Adam Lambert had developed long before him on the same Idol stage.  In this day and age it’s difficult to do anything that is completely original without someone in the past already doing some sort of version of that same thing, so it’s important to remember that when weighing in on originality.

Photo: Fox

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