Kristin Chenoweth talks ‘ABC’s’ newest show ‘GCB’

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Now that season one of the ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ has ended the network is putting a very different type of drama in its place with ‘GCB’ (Good Christian Belles).  ABC still hasn’t announced what it plans to do with ‘Pan Am’ or if fans are going to get a second season of the show, but it seems that a lot of that is going to depend on how ‘GBC’ fairs in the ratings.

Darren Star, creator of HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’ series teamed up with ‘Steel Magnolias’ writer Robert Harling to create ‘GCB’ – so even though many new shows have been cancelled this season, ‘GCB’ stands a fighting chance of surviving.

The series centers around the character of Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), who ends up moving back to Dallas with her two teens to live with her mother after her marriage ends in a nasty scandal.  After moving back home, Amanda decides she wants to turn her life around, but finds it difficult to do because this reformed mean girl still has to win over the girls she used to terrorize in high school.  Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) is still holding a major grudge against Amanda for what she did in high school and certainly isn’t going to make it easy for her to fit in.

Chenoweth spoke to Entertainment Weekly about ‘GCB’ and gave viewers a little insight into what they can expect from the series.  Kristen said;

“I think Carlene has a hard time covering up how she feels. I think she grew up covering up how she felt when she was being bullied by Amanda [Bibb]. And now that Amanda’s back, and Carlene’s redone herself, she is not gonna take this lying down. What I love about that, no matter what your faith or religion or what you believe, there are some people who just derail you. [Laughs] I think Amanda derails Carlene. Amanda probably barely remembers it, which is how bullies are, but Carlene didn’t forget a thing. I think we’re gonna see Carlene and Amanda think maybe they’re different now, and then something will happen that will get them right back in that place. When I took the role, I talked to Darren and Bobby about what the layers were gonna be, and where was Carlene gonna go. I didn’t want it to just be one thing. The good news is she’s a very complicated woman, and that will come out for sure.”

With a lot of the material focusing on Carlene and her work at the local church, Kristin says that we can expect some singing with songs like ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’.  She said;

“How she’s doing it and why, it’s so funny. I think not every episode [will have singing]. But Carlene does give herself a lot of the solos. I think you’ll see other people sing, and that’s not gonna go over well because she might feel threatened by that. [The show] lends itself so well to music. Just singin’ with an organ, how we do it in church, is fun. There is a song that we all get to do [later], and I love it. I can’t say what it is, but it’s from the ’60s. [Laughs] It’s good.”

‘GCB’ will be airing on ABC tonight at 10 p.m. – will you be tuning in?

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