‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘Real Housewives of Disney’ lifts Lindsay Lohan’s show

How was this show?

While not every sketch during Lindsay Lohan’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” made have worked perfectly, we do have to ultimately say one thing — the entire wait was worth it courtesy of “The Real Housewives of Disney.”

We’re starting out this review with a look at this sketch, primarily since it may be one of the best examples of the show mixing pop culture with creativity we have ever seen. Kristen Wiig completely took over as an alcoholic Cinderella, but Nasim Pedrad as a broke Jasmine was almost equally hilarious. Even Lohan, who entered the show as a bit of a wild card since it has been so long since she has done anything of this sort, worked well as Rapunzel. The other element of this sketch that brought out so much hilarity was that “SNL” really did their research — not only with Disney, but with the “Housewives” themselves. (Granted, we can’t imagine Disney being too happy about it — but at this point in time, we’re too busy howling with laughter to really be too concerned.)

So what else happened during the show? Unfortunately, the rest of the sketches made the “Housewives” feel like a distant memory by the end of the night.

The clear misses – The 2012 Psychic Awards were a sketch that had some potential in the idea, but failed in the execution. However, even this was a bit of an improvement following an absolutely dreadful Scared Straight sketch. We’ve never really found this to be a good way of showcasing Kenan Thompson’s many talents, and it didn’t help that it was painfully obvious here that Lindsay (who was really just playing herself in a spoof of her own legal woes) was reading off of cue cards.

Overall, Lindsay’s performance was really more misses than hits. While she was fine in an opening monologue, she struggled more when she actually had to take on roles that required her to do the heavy lifting. When it comes to some hosts, you can watch them without really thinking about whether or not anything is going to go wrong — meanwhile, there were times this week we found ourselves uneasy as to what was going to happen with Lindsay next. (Take for instance the scene with Kristen Wiig dialing her via her rear end.)

As for other problems with this show … what was with the afro-themed Digital Short? Andy Samberg seems to have lost all of his mojo, as this continued a trend of these segments being painfully unfunny and really just strange.

The highlights – Outside of “Disney,” there really were not too many moments that we could say were roll-on-the-floor funny. Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan both brought some humor to Weekend Update playing their versions of James Carville and Snooki, but the latter bit felt forced and like “SNL” didn’t even bother looking up any details on Snooki’s life (including her weight loss). The closing “Rude Buddha” sketch also had some potential, and was at least moderately entertaining as we watched Buddha put on a show for people only to talk about them behind their backs.

This was also a good week in terms of celebrity cameos — Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm each turned up for a moment, and the latter actually even pretended to be Snooki’s baby-daddy. It’s too bad that unlike Maya Rudolph’s show (which featured Justin Timberlake taking on a few rolls), this show really didn’t give the stars much to do at all.

Outside of this, let’s just hope that you love Jack White! As per usual, he was stellar and did not suffer under the limitations of the show stage.

Overall, this episode of “SNL” felt like it was representative of Lohan’s career in recent years — there is some promise, but sometimes it’s hard to see the silver lining in the midst of all the struggles. It seems that outside of a couple of the sketches, either Lindsay or the show was really unwilling to be daring enough when it came to giving her material that people would talk about.

What did you think of this episode?

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