‘The Bachelor’ preview: Blakeley Shea in the ‘Women Tell All’ crosshairs

Blakeley is going to be involved.

We’ve spent a good bit of time talking about how Courtney Robertson is going to face some major heat from the other women on “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” Monday night, but we would be remiss if we were to say that she is going to be the only person from this season to be the target of some attacks.

Based on what we’ve seen and heard from the show this far, here are some other women who are probably going to be on their toes for much of the night:

Blakeley Shea – While we personally think that Blakeley redeemed her aggressive behavior with some of the vulnerability that she showed Ben Flajnik during her final few episodes this season, she was a target of many before Courtney really even entered the picture. Expect her to try and confront some of the women over the nasty things that they said to her during this season, especially since it led to her breaking down in tears during the early episodes.

Jenna Burke – She may have only lasted two episodes, but what a memorable two episodes they were. We have never seen a contestant with so many good credentials on paper end up ruining their own chances so fast, and we have to think Chris Harrison and the other ladies are going to have some questions as to why she was in such a constant state of panic while she was in the house.

We feel for Casey.

Casey Shteamer – We actually feel worse for Casey than just about any other woman this season. She went on this show hoping that it would help her get over a guy that she felt would never her, but along the way Harrison confronted her about the situation and she admitted that those feelings for this guy were still there. Watching Ben pretty much turn his nose up at her was tragic in some ways — it wasn’t like she was trying to be deceitful, and she really was there for the right reasons.

We know that Casey’s exit is going to be brought up, in particular since Ben himself feels rather bad about how it transpired. (He has since said that he really wasn’t processing what she was telling him at the time.)

Shawntel Newton – How much time is the show going to devote to a woman who was only around Ben for a few hours? It’s hard to say. It really didn’t seem like Shawntel was there with any sort of malicious intent towards the other women, but she was dogpiled worse than even Courtney by them.

We’re hoping that we see an apology here … but what we are really expecting to see is some self-promotion by Shawntel for her book Final Rose. (Hey, if the show airs it we’re not going to criticize her for striking while the iron’s hot.)

Which lady outside of Courtney do you think is the most deserving of air time during the “Women Tell All” special?

Photo: ABC

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