‘Survivor: One World’ preview: cheating accusations run amok (video)

Who’s responsible?

“For the first time in ‘Survivor‘ history…”

If you’re a fan of this show, then you have probably heard these words more times than you can count. Sometimes, this tease does end up turning into something great (such as JT writing Russell a letter); other times, it ends up being the Medallion of Power or the have / have-not twist from “Fiji.”

Based on the first preview we are seeing from Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor: One World,” we’re hoping for a first-time event of the jaw-dropping variety. It already looks like this move (whatever it is) is going to lead to the men’s tribe of Manono imploding to an even greater degree than they already have. We have a brief clip of Tarzan shouting “cheater!” during one of the challenges (though it’s hard to see him doing this at someone from his own tribe), and then having a meeting where the same man claims that someone on the tribe has “betrayed” everyone.

So who is the culprit? We can eliminate Tarzan here by default, and the reaction by Jay in the video also seems to suggest that he is relatively innocent. Everyone else, however, seems like they could be a suspect in infuriating the rest of the tribe.

What do we want to see happen? While we hate watching people throw challenges, wouldn’t it be thoroughly entertaining to see Colton just deliberately give up tribe immunity just so he could send his adversary Bill home? While throwing challenges is hardly new to this game, having a single person be behind it — and having that same person be safe thanks to an alliance and an immunity idol — would create complete and utter chaos. Then again, there’s no real logic for Colton to do this since if he ends up playing the idol, he is then just a sitting duck with a group of guys who no longer trust him. No matter what happens (and we really don’t have any idea what the shocker will be), we’re sure that the women of Salani are going to be sitting back with a bucket of popcorn (or at least the island equivalent in a bundle of coconuts).

What show “first” are you hoping to see in this upcoming episode?

Photo: CBS

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