‘Jersey Shore’: The Unit changes The Situation’s plan

Here we go again…

For this entire season of “Jersey Shore,” we have been teased as viewers with a major moment that has really been put off ever since Italy — The Situation actually confronting Snooki’s man Jionni about what she supposedly did with him a few months into their relationship. While this has been quite possibly the most-overdone plotline in the show’s entire run, we really can’t complain too much considering that Mike is really the only person that is bringing any actual drama at this point in this season.

Finally, Thursday night’s new episode did bring us to the next major step in this revelation coming out … though not as we hoped. The Situation’s longtime plan was to have The Unit help in spilling the beans, but the guy had too much to drink and ended up getting arrested for public intoxication on the street. (Why didn’t they take a cab?)

The main thing that really came out of this was that Mike finally realized that the Jionni problem was something that he was going to have to handle on his own — and once Snooki’s other half woke up a bit too early (while Mike was in the process of checking on The Unit’s status), he took advantage of the opportunity to strike.

Of course, the show (likely realizing that this was all they had plot-wise) decided to push the actual reaction of Mike’s bombshell until next week. It’s already pretty clear that Snooki is unhappy about it, but considering that the entire gang goes camping it really can’t be too bad.

While we have complained a good bit this season about the show needed to cast some new characters and bring more drama to the plate again, we will give credit where credit is due for some rather spot-on humor. The roast of Vinny’s plaid / flannel shirt was just about flawless by “Shore” terms, and there was also a funny prank played by Pauly D and Vinny involving moving the bed for the Smush Room outside simply so that they would not have to deal with a “couples retreat” in the house anymore.

At this point, we realize that maybe we’ve been a bit unrealistic when it comes to our expectations for this show now. The people are famous, and they simply can’t act as ridiculous as they once could. With that, it’s inevitably not going to be the same crazy show. Will MTV change it eventually? Probably, but for now we’re better off just laughing at the fun moments and handling the fact that there’s not much connecting one episode to the last.

Do you think that anything is ever actually going to come out of this Mike / Jionni storyline, and are you still enjoying this season?

Photo: MTV

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