‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Matt Quinlan details future strategy

Matt went home Wednesday night.

Matt Quinlan really spent the majority of his time on “Survivor: One World” not winning himself any favors. He was overtly-confident and opinionated through much of his time in Samoa, and seemed to even fancy himself a master strategist at times — however, all of his plans fell through and he ended up sinking his own ship in trying to introduce too many alliances into the game, and the tribe ultimately decided to send him packing over the fun (but less threatening) Bill.

On Thursday, we had the chance to talk with the attorney a little bit about some of the decisions he made while on this season, as well as what he was planning to do moving forward.

CarterMatt.com – You’ve said that the tribe got rid of you in part because you are a physical threat, and this is not really something as important on a season like this with so many mental challenges [pre-merge]. In getting rid of you, do you think that your tribe did underestimate your abilities as a mental player? You’re seem like a pretty intelligent guy, an attorney…

Matt Quinlan – I do [think they underestimated me]. From first looking at me, I think they thought I was a physical threat. I was one of the bigger guys, in shape — I think they saw me like that.

[But at the same time] we got to know each other and were all friends out there. We would sit around the campfire at night and and tell stories and play grab-a** and all the sorts of stuff that guys do out there. They did have a pretty good feel for who I was, and so I think that they knew I was a bright guy. That didn’t help matters, and that didn’t make anything better. Maybe if I weren’t bright, or they perceived me as if [I was not bright], maybe that would have mattered. I just think that all things considered on balance, they just thought I was the biggest threat to them — whether it be physically or mentally. I’m not saying that I was smarter than all of them, but [I had] a good combination of physical and mental prowess. I think that they saw that.

It’s hard to hide who you are when you’re spending every hour with people, unless you’re willing to be a hermit and sit around and not speak or contribute. They are going to hear you speak and watch you think and know who you are. It’s hard to really hide who you are out there.

So if Bill had been the one to go home over you, you still would have lost someone who was seemingly in your alliance. Did you have any sort of plan as to what you were going to do moving forward in the game?

The alliance with Bill that is burned into everyone’s mind is really from episode 1. After the third day, really Bill was a floater. I wasn’t counting on Bill after about the third day … I was actually trying to vote Bill out on the last episode. My plan was to try and work with [Troyzan] and Jonas and to try and flip up the game to work with Mike, Jay, Troy, and Jonas, and start voting out all these … I called them ‘chickens’ last night. I didn’t mean it disrespectfully, but it was just that they were just coasting. They weren’t there to make moves or to be heard or seen. They were just floaters. They were blowing with the wind. I just said ‘why don’t all of us guys who are committed and stubborn and loyal and have been in this fight since day one for position, why don’t we just band together? I think we can all trust each other,’ and then just vote out all these people who were not trying to do anything to play the game.

That was kind of my plan … I was wanting to get rid of Colton if I could. He had his idol, so I had hatched a plan to vote out Colton with a sort of split vote so that Bill was going to get voted out if Colton played his idol. It was Colton first — and what I really wanted was for him to go home with his idol. If he did play his idol it was going to be Bill, and at least Colton didn’t have the idol any more and we could get rid of [him].

I felt like going into a merge situation, we would be better position — us guys that I just named — to go up against the women. Those women were tough, and they were a savvy bunch. There was some sentiment among some of the guys that they didn’t want me or some other guys to get an opportunity to flirt with the girls, to have us like them or have them like us. They didn’t want it to get to that position, but I think at the end of the day it would have been to our advantage to have got to the merge with my five as opposed to any other five. But that of course is for selfish reasons. (Laughs.)

From the standpoint of drama alone, are you going to miss Matt this season?

Photo: CBS

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