‘Survivor: One World’: Colton … the assassin?

Enter the villain…

For the first two episodes, there were a good many people out there desperate to compare Colton Cumbie on “Survivor: One World” to John Cochran. Both castaways were outcasts on their tribe, and their social skills are occasionally a little off. As Wednesday night’s episode proved, that’s really where the comparisons end.

Unlike Cochran (who was a nice guy at his core and didn’t want to upset anyone), Colton is a bona fide villain the likes of which we really haven’t seen in a while. For a first-time player, he may even be doing the most intriguing job at working his tribe since Russell Hantz his first time around (you know, back before he was starting fights with his nephew on Twitter).

Following what he managed to pull off this episode, there’s only one place we can classify Colton…

The winners

Colton – Remember, we’re talking about “winners” here in terms of gameplay, and not necessarily likability. We’re not going to repeat it here, but what Colton said about Bill in a confessional (you know what we’re talking about) was frankly pretty disgusting, especially since Colton is someone who was unfairly stereotyped by a good many castaways and even fans of the show from the get-go. We are happy to see that he has apologized for the comment already on Twitter.

Now, we’ll get to his game. Since Colton was one of the engineers behind setting up the misfit alliance, he deserves some credit for getting Matt out even if he was not the first guy he was targeting. He also deserves even more credit for acting almost as though he was going to play the immunity idol, but keeping it since he knew he would be safe.

The final thing that’s worth applause here is something that the silly men do not see coming — that Colton has already said that he wants to flip to the women, so the longer they keep him around is the longer that he could potentially turn on them. While we do attribute some of his game at this point to luck (especially since the immunity idol saved him after he spent the first three days sitting around and complaining), he has done a great job of turning it around after looking like he was going to go straight out the door.

Sabrina – While we think Colton is dominating the game strategically in some ways at the moment, Sabrina actually has a much better shot at winning the whole thing. She’s likable, she’s smart, and she’s also a challenge beast.

This week, Sabrina helped the women win their first two challenges, and she also single-handedly took down Bill after his train left the station a bit too early after starting the puzzle portion of the immunity challenge with a huge lead. She is going to have a target on her back as a leader, but for the time being she’s doing a great job helping to run the tribe.

Kim – We’re still sticking with Kim as our choice to win it all, and there’s been nothing that is making us doubt that choice at all. Kim continued to show that she has a strong head on her shoulders this week — she’s a team player around camp, she makes smart decisions, does well in challenges, and most importantly she doesn’t anger anyone.

Troyzan – Despite having the most ridiculous name in “Survivor” history, Troyzan is a player we can get behind. In pretending to make a deal with Matt this week, he proved that he has a strong strategic head on his shoulders and he’s not going to blab about his plans to everyone (see Tarzan). He also seems firmly locked into an alliance, and he’s nice enough to the women that he could be of use to them in the event that there was ever a swap.

Jay – Sure, Jay looked a bit shady by dumping his alliance so quickly to join the “misfits” — but at the same time, he did what he had to do in order to stick around for another week. Thanks to this tiny move, he’s now put himself in a position to stay longer than either Bill or Mike if the alliances hold.

The rest of the female tribe – There are no losers among the ladies this week! While we didn’t get a ton of screen time of them compared to what we have seen in the past, the women did an excellent job of joining forces and winning two challenges. While we still think Christina is next on the chopping block, there were no strategic blunders made here.

Oh, Tarzan…

The losers

Tarzan – If Tarzan’s goal is to be fodder for the final three, he’s succeeding — and honestly, we wouldn’t mind if he stays for a while. In between him outing the alliance to anyone who wants to know and asking Jeff Probst to read all of the votes (even though he should know — unless he’s never watched before — that Jeff never does this), he is entertainment gold.

Unfortunately, Tarzan’s not really thinking anything through with this game. He’s counting too much on his alliance, and you have to keep your options open in the event of the split. If the group stays together, than it’s pretty likely that he will make it to the end — but he has never really managed to play this game to win so far, and we’re not sure if we will ever see that.

If his alliance is ever split up, Greg’s goose is cooked faster than anyone can ask Jeff any questions at all.

Bill – We don’t even know where to begin with Bill. The guy seems almost like he came on the show to boost his comedy career, and really has no intention of actually doing anything outside of running around and saying “dude” a lot. He looks a little like Ozzy, but at least Ozzy won challenges.

As a person, we’re pretty sure Bill’s a nice guy — but as a player, he is annoying us at the moment for the same reason Rick did last year. If you really don’t care about doing much other than sitting around and working at camp, why are you here over someone who would actually play the game? Unless he does make a move soon, he will be gone before we can complain about him for much longer.

Matt – We’ll be chatting with Matt Thursday afternoon, and we have oh-so-many questions to ask of him. First of all, why be so arrogant? The fact that Matt was so self-assured that he could manipulate him really sealed his own fate. The second question is just as simple — why would you act so safe with a four-person alliance when there are nine people on your tribe?

We find boots like this one the funniest mainly because Bill was pretty much screaming (metaphorically, anyway) to the other players to vote him out, and yet the male tribe still felt the need to kick Matt to the curb first. Matt’s elimination brought Shannon Elkins from Nicaragua to mind, with the main exception here being that Shannon went out in a blaze of glory that was far more entertaining.

Do you think that Colton’s style of gameplay has longevity to it, and can the men turn it around next week? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and check back Thursday night for highlights from the interview with Matt.

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