‘Survivor’ alum Brandon Hantz reveals divorce, calls show ‘bad memory’

He was a controversial player.

Mrs Carter: Did the show ruin his marriage?

If you think back to last fall, you will remember the bizarre journey that Brandon Hantz went on courtesy of “Survivor: South Pacific.” At times he used religion as a crutch to stand on, and early in the game he battled especially strong with his demons courtesy of the perceived “temptress” that was Mikayla Wingle. Despite having a last name that is notorious with being evil, Brandon tried his hardest to play his self-proclaimed “good” game on his way to a fifth-place finish.

Unfortunately for Brandon, members of his own family were critical of his gameplay in addition to many fans — and his life has hit some major snags in the road along the way. In a new interview with SB Nation, Hantz revealed that he is going through a divorce with the woman that he was married to during filming, and that he actually now refers to his time on the show as a “bad memory.”

The good news for Brandon? He did seem to finally get away from the Hantz family occupation that he didn’t seem to care for. He is now working as a sales representative for Racing Electronics along the NASCAR circuit. As for whether or not he would ever return to this show, that is still to be seen — though considering how much he seemingly despised his time on the show the first time around, it seems like it would be a tough sell. (With that being said, we have a feeling Russell Hantz is off somewhere pitching his “Brandon vs. Russell” season.)

Do you think going on this show was too much for a guy like Brandon?

Update: Since this story is getting so much traffic thanks to Brandon being on the new “Survivor,” we thought it best to update to say that he and his wife have seemingly reconciled, and he has repaired his family.

Photo: CBS

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