‘The Voice’: the blind auditions end with Sera Hill – Christina Aguilera ‘duet’

On to the next stage…

We’ve made it (sadly) to the of the blind auditions on “The Voice” — which ultimately means that the next time we’re going to be talking about an episode, we will be doing so courtesy of the battle rounds. We’ll actually know the contestants, and this in itself will give the show a much different dynamic.

Before we get to that, we do have to actually get to the singers who auditioned this time around.

Whitney Myer – Isn’t it nice when a show starts out with a bang? The four coaches really have the audience to thank for this one — while Whitney’s voice was pretty great, the crowd reacting to one of the best stage presences we’ve seen yet is what really pushed this over the top.

Adam Levine campaigned harder than Mitt Romney in Michigan for this one, and it only seemed deserving that Whitney chose him.

David Dunn – It’s an engineer — and it’s also a guy whose parents like to brag about him! While mom and dad here seem to love that David has a college degree and could be successful in this field, they aren’t as supportive when it comes to his music.

We’ll be honest here and say that watching this audition broke our hearts a little bit. David actually had a pretty smooth and silky voice, but like many others in this season he ultimately fell victim to a common mistake here — song choice.

The Shields Brothers – They are so rare, it’s almost easy to forget that “The Voice” actually allows groups to be on the show. These two guys are Virginia rockers who look straight out of a failed Spinal Tap audition, and they may have been the most ridiculous act we’ve ever seen on the set.

Despite their bizarre antics and only occasionally singing the lyrics to “Dancing With Myself,” this was so captivating we could not look away. Cee Lo Green in about as perfect for them as perfect can be.

Cheesa – The Hawaiian native brought a story of struggle with her to the show — but luckily for us, she also brought with her a rather spectacular voice. The moment she claimed that she wanted Cee Lo to be her coach, we had a feeling that he would be the one to turn his chair around — and he was!

Preston Shannon – At over 60, Preston is the oldest contestant in this competition — and is also one of the more interesting singers we have seen. Unfortunately for him, though, he’s the kind of guy better suited for a club than this sort of competition. We were ultimately not surprised that no one turned around. The song didn’t really show off his voice, and the crowd never really got into it.

Lex Land – This name really sounds more like a professional wrestler than a singer, but Lex was far more shy than charismatic. She struggled with nerves before even getting on stage, and it was even present through a somewhat-shaky performance.

The good news about this show is that they can tell talent despite nerves, and everyone outside of Christina turned around. Really, though, she is going to get someone in Blake as a mentor who is going to work with her on cultivating her lower register rather than some of the other stunts that didn’t work out as well.

Orlando Napier – This season, Orlando is filling the role of “guy with a checkered past.” He has went through some time in prison, but has still made himself a solid career as a blues musician.

The biggest surprise with Orlando was not that he was a pretty stellar blues singer, but that Adam Levine was actually the only coach to spin around for him. This marked the last addition to the Maroon 5 frontman’s team — which has a pretty large range of soul to rock to country music. Adam may even have the most diverse team on the show.

Cameron Novak – We know the drill now — a guy gets spliced into someone else’s audition (in Orlando), and ends up going home. We’re honestly not going to miss Cameron and his thirteen different “skills.” He was arrogant, annoying, and we are already trying to forget about him.

We will say this — it must have been terrible for this guy to find out how much Cee Lo regretting not turn around.

Lee Coch – Isn’t it ironic that Lee pronounces his last name “cook,” and he works as a baker? We really liked Lee’s “Mumford & Sons impersonator” look, and we also loved the fact that someone actually auditioned to a song by Bob Dylan.

Christina Aguilera was the only person who pressed the button here, and she kept Lee weight — after all, she didn’t do it until the very end.

WADE – Are you really famous enough to go by one name that is generic enough as Wade, and then to put it in all caps? We thought his rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” was fine, but that there was also nothing that really stood out about it versus what we have heard already.

Despite these thoughts on this end, WADE is now a proud member of team Cee Lo Green — and also the last member. Cee Lo has some more rock influences than just about every other team, but this is a genre of music that he showed an affinity for last season.

Adley Stump – She’s a country singer, and Blake Shelton only had one remaining spot on his team — with that in mind, this seemed to be a given before she stepped out on stage.

Blake did end up making Adley sweat for a while, though, and the debate ended up coming between him and Christina before she stuck to her country roots. This marked the end to Blake’s team, which was largely built up of women across multiple musical genres — with a few notable exceptions, such as Jermaine Paul.

Sera Hill – We close this week with a voice that finally inspired Christina to not only acquire her final team member, but also to jump on stage to sing a few lines of “I’m Goin’ Down.”

Did we love this song as much as Christina did? We’re probably just over it at this point after hearing it on so many reality shows over the years. The talent pool did seem to grow weaker as the show progressed, though, and our last coach should really just feel lucky to have found this sort of talent there.

Now that you know the top 48 contestants, who do you think actually has the most potential to end up winning this competition?

Photo: NBC

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