‘The Bachelor’: Courtney Robertson and the last-ditch mea culpa


We finally know our “Bachelor” final two! Granted, it still took plenty of time for us to actually arrive at this point. This week, the entire crew was in Switzerland — and there was everything from fantasy suites (and plenty of unnecessarily hoopla over them) to Courtney Robertson suddenly developing a soul.


We really don’t know what happened in between the hometown dates in this episode when it comes to Courtney. Did someone pull her aside and say that she was acting like this season’s version of Lord Voldemort, or did she finally get the hint that her feelings for Ben Flajnik were more important any sort of need for substantial air time?

No matter what it was, Courtney actually gave what was effectively a rather different sort of one-on-one date this week with Ben. She was remorseful, quiet, and at times concerned over her own future on the show. We haven’t necessarily hated everything about Courtney this season — as a matter of fact, we actually think she would be a fan favorite had she channeled her humor at someone other than the other women. The problem here is just how you view regret — does being remorseful really absolve you of everything?

Whether you want to call it manipulation or something else, Courtney did manage to work her way right back into Ben’s heart despite all of the concerns that were out there when it comes to whether or not she can get along with other women. Did she redeem herself? Not completely … but we really can’t be overly cynical when someone admits to their faults.

Too little … too late?

Unfortunately for Courtney, the damage was done between Courtney and the other women to the extent that Ben had a return visit none other than Kacie Boguskie — who appeared the show for two primary reasons:

1. She wanted answers about why she was sent home, which Ben really didn’t provide the first time.

2. She also wanted to warn him that Courtney was not going to be the right person for him to pick in the end.

While Ben stayed mostly quiet about Courtney (even if he did act rather moody about it later), he finally did admit that it was Kacie’s rather-frightening parents that were a catalyst for the decision. After all, it’s not often that a winemaker gets along well with a father-in-law who doesn’t drink alcohol. The one smart point that Kacie did make? That just because her parents believe a certain handful of things about living together before marriage does not mean that she feels the same exact way.

Nonetheless, none of this mattered — Kacie never really seemed to be trying to re-enter the competition, and she ended up going out with a bit more closure.

Goodbye, Nicki.

The other two dates

We could go into great detail about the other two dates during the episode, but recapping them would really just go like this.

1. Nicki and Lindzi went on some sort of romantic / adventurous date in Switzerland.

2. They each at one point made out with Ben in a hot tub.

3. Ben expressed some sort of major concerns when it came to vulnerability, and he said at the end of every date that these fears were ultimately wiped clean.

4. He invited them to the fantasy suite, they said yes … and this is a family show and we won’t say anything beyond that.

The elimination

So did Ben even remotely listen to what Kacie had to say? In a rather unsurprising dose of “no s—, Sherlock,” Ben kept his longtime favorite Courtney around and sent Nicki packing instead. (Somewhere, Kacie is rolling her eyes.)

As for why Ben made this choice, we can really just go back to what happened at the couple’s one-on-one date — she was honest about what happened and apologized for it. Does that absolve Courtney in any way? Not exactly, but Ben seems to be trusting his own judgment above the judgement of others.

Emily’s sneak peek

We’ve put the preview of Emily Maynard’s “Bachelorette” at this end of this article, mostly because that makes sense. Do you hear that, producers? Instead of doing this, the show chose instead to inject the footage of Emily with Ashley Hebert and Ali Fedotowsky into the show after Ben’s date with Courtney, and before Kacie showed up with her warning.

What did we get out of this? Pretty much nothing, to be frank. Emily’s mystery date was really just with Ashley and Ali, as the three took off to see the new “Titanic 3D” (product placement!) after going through a lengthy session of excess pampering and chatting about what Emily can expect to see on the show. Our favorite part? When Ashley came close to admitting that J.P. wasn’t the guy that she was attracted to the most from the get-go.

Even in spite of this meh filler segment in the middle of the show, we do still think that Emily is prime to have a relatively entertaining season this year — especially if the show finds a way to get the Emily-obsessed Bentley Williams to actually show his face back on the franchise again.

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