‘The Walking Dead’: Rick’s confrontation with Shane turns ugly

What’s going to happen to Randall?

With only a few episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ left, fans are on the edge of their seat as AMC leads them through the story of Herschel’s farm and the strong connections between the two groups of survivors.

In last night’s episode ’18 Miles Out’, Rick finally confronts Shane about his delusions towards Lori and their ‘love’ as the pair drive a blindfolded Randall out to the middle of nowhere to leave him to fend for himself.  Rick lays it all on the line and clearly spells out how it’s going to be if Shane is going to continue on with the group, and that includes accepting that Rick, Lori, Carl and their unborn baby are a family unit and that he is the protector of that unit, not Shane.  As Shane tries to explain his side of things, it’s fairly clear that Rick isn’t open to discussion.

When Shane and Rick arrive at their destination, an abandoned school, they pull Randall out of the car and leave him tied up on the ground with a knife to eventually free himself.  As they walk away, Randall reveals that he went to school with Maggie, leaving Rick and Shane with a difficult decision now that Randall knows who they are and where they are staying.  Shane quickly decided that Randall can’t live or their group might be in danger, while Rick wants to sleep on the decision.  Shane and Rick get into an epic fist fight that has been a long time in the coming and are so involved in the fight, which includes Shane pushing a motorcycle on Rick, that they don’t notice Randall attempting to free himself.

During the fight Shane throws a wrench at Rick that ends up busting the window of the school and walkers start pouring out and begin to attack.  Shane finds himself trapped on a school bus as Rick and Randall run for the car.  For a moment we see Rick contemplating leaving Shane for dead, but he comes back with Randall and the car and they drive back to the safety of the farm, leaving the decision on what to do with Randall for another day.

Back at the farm Beth wants to take her own life and as much as everyone tries to convince her that she has something worth living for, she just can’t see the point.  Lori and Andrea have a heated discussion about Beth’s thoughts on ending her life, and the discussion ends with Andrea calling Lori out on her relationship with Shane.  Andrea offers to give Maggie a break on Beth’s suicide watch and after she leaves, Andrea gives Beth the choice to do what she wants and leaves her alone.  When Maggie and Lori return they find Beth locked in a bathroom and she has cut her wrists, but not deep enough to do any actual damage, showing that she really wants to live.

With only three episodes left until the end of season 2 fans are wondering how AMC plans to wrap it all up.  Will our heroes be forced to leave the farm?  Will Lori keep the baby?  Will Maggie and Glenn work out their problems?

One thing we do know is that AMC has cast David Morrisey as ‘The Governor’, one of the nastiest villains in the comic book, so we know that no matter how season two ends, the gang is in for some serious trouble in season three.

Photo: AMC

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