Lisa Lampanelli slams Beth Chapman over ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ remarks

Lisa brought passion to the boardroom

If you tuned into ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ last night you had a chance to see one of the most epic boardroom fights that broke out between comedienne Lisa Lampanelli and Victoria Gotti, but after the episode aired is when Lisa really let it all out on her Twitter account and found herself in a fight with ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’s’ wife, Beth Chapman.

Beth was upset to see that Gotti was fired on last night’s episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and took to her Twitter account to express her disdain.  She wrote;

“Watching celebrity apprentice love love love @victoriagotti my Ol friend Get Em girl show Em whos boss. Disappointed by the apprentice that big mouth should’ve been fired all that cryin pleeeease YUKO! Love to you Victoria we know who did what!”

One of the things that people love about Lisa is that she isn’t afraid to say what many of us think, but would never have the nerve to say out loud, and while sometimes she may go to a place that makes some people cringe, she never backs down when she feels passionate about a subject.  After reading Chapman’s comments, Lisa decided that she had something to say about it and she didn’t hold back. She wrote;

“@MrsDogC is mad she rides on Dog’s coattails to have a career, & I have my own. Altho how he carries her, I’ll never know. Don’t worry — she’s just pissed that I did a 20-minute rant about her on Stern and onstage. #FatButThinksShesNot. One last thing: Good thing @MrsDogC married a guy named Dog ’cause her [expletive] smells like Alpo (I got a million of ’em, so she shld stfu).”

Do you think Lisa should have been fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ or do you think Donald Trump made the right choice by firing Victoria?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: NBC

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