‘The Amazing Race’ season 20: Brendon & Rachel’s first fight (this season)

Fighting already.

We are two episodes in on “The Amazing Race” this season … but already, we have witnessed a rather memorable meltdown with Brendon & Rachel.

During a week that featuring working with solar panels as well as mastering the art of cattle-calling, we will give team “Big Brother” some serious credit for starting pretty well. They actually finished both tasks pretty effectively, but then there was a tiny issue involving a taxi that somehow turned into Rachel crying. Why? Brendon insinuated that she was wrong without even being mean about it … and yet he ended up apologizing through the nose.

We know that not everyone loves these two — but we are eternally grateful that they are a part of this race. (Thanks to their fourth-place finish, even with this meltdown, we are going to see plenty more of them.)

As for some other other standouts during this crazy leg in Argentina, we have a few assorted highlights.

Nary & Jamie – They are doing the opposite of Phillip Shepard! Rather than telling everyone under the sun that they are federal agents, they are telling everyone instead that they are kindergarten teachers. (Aww…) The big issue with this is that we don’t really see teachers as any less of threats in this sort of competition.

These two ended up winning the award for “biggest stroke of luck” in the episode — thanks to a bus breaking down on its was to Argentina, they ended up making up for a stall at their Detour. They are certainly safe for a while longer.

Mark & Bopper – We said last week that these two guys could in many ways be reality TV legends, and we were justified with our proclamation yet again this week. In between their mispronunciation of just about pretty much every word in Spanish and Mark’s explanation that he understood how to build a sonar panel because his kid loves Legos.

This surprising Lego skill paid off, and the group actually left the Detour stage in the lead. They did fall down a bit after a bus to Buenos Aires, but thanks to working together with Rachel (who has never really been known for teamwork), they ended up finishing in third.

Art & A.J. – The Border Patrol Agents did such a great job last week — but they found themselves this time in a situation that put their arrogance to the test. They got themselves lost trying to find the alternate detour — otherwise known as the one involving navigating a donkey.

Fortunately for them (and unfortunately for most of us who prefer to see people we can root for), their gamble paid off and they were the second team to leave the detour, and also the second team to arrive at the Pit Stop.

Rachel & Dave – Team “other Rachel” (as we like to call them) still have an Express Pass from the previous leg — but they didn’t show any signs of slowing down this time.

Along with the “Border Patrol,” these two ended up working together at the Roadblock — and they carried this to a first-place finish. Are they the most exciting team ever? Not exactly, but you have to believe that they are going to be there for quite a while now.

Dave & Cherie – Thanks to the aforementioned bus breakdown, there will be no more clowning around on the race. Not only did this married couple have to deal with a mechanical issue, but also with the fact that you don’t use math when you are making balloon animals. Dave’s lack of counting skills during the cattle Roadblock put them in last — and the lack of a non-elimination leg made them the second “Phileminated” team of the year.

Who do you think is going to end up winning the race this season … and do you really think Brendon needed to apologize?

Photo: CBS

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