TV moments of the week: hometown mishaps, cell-phone scares

A tough cliffhanger, indeed.

While we are sure there will be plenty more TV moments made during the 2012 Academy Awards on Sunday night, this past week contains quite a bit worth talking about, as well — from dating disasters to uncertainty as to whether or not a key character will be sticking around.

Quinn’s texting trouble – When Karofsky failed to take his own life on “Glee” Tuesday night, we all thought that this would be the only instance of tragedy in the episode — but then, the unthinkable happened and Quinn was struck by a truck on the way to Finn and Rachel’s last-second wedding.

Is Quinn alive, and did Finchel get hitched? Much in the style of every other serialized show out there, “Glee” gave us a double-dose of cliffhangers to ponder over until the show returns on April 10. The only thing we’re wondering about is if anyone among New Directions would have learned about Quinn fast enough to stop the wedding.

The worst hometown date ever – We’re really not sure if there has ever been a date that torpedoed someone’s changes of making it through on “The Bachelor” quite like what we saw out of Kacie B. this week. You would have thought ultimately that her conservative family would have come up at some point before hometown dates … but no! Ben Flajnik apparently spent too much time staring at a semi-clothed Courtney to ask.

So with that, we ultimately saw Kacie’s parents pretty much waving a finger at Ben not live with their daughter until they were married — and in between that and their aversion to alcohol, this just didn’t work out.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” is back! – We’ve waited for far too long to see Donald Trump fire some more stars, and the premiere episode did not disappoint when it came to some crazy personalities. However, we do wish that something more in the drama department instead of three celebrities who really weren’t altogether keen to throw anyone under the bus.

The return of Loretta Devine – When it comes to dramatic performances, there really weren’t any two people better than Devine and James Pickens Jr. on “Grey’s Anatomy.” While seeing Adele Webber become too overtaken by her Alzheimer’s to function was one of the saddest moments we have seen, it was hard not to feel for Richard as he realized the weight of what he was having to do.

Worst TV moment of the week: the fast decline of “Smash.” We really feel for NBC right about now. They invested tens of millions dollars into making this musical a hit — and despite putting the show on after “The Voice” and some rave reviews, it has lost about 40% of its original audience over the past two weeks.

We’re not ready yet to proclaim that “Smash” is over — it will be renewed if it stays around a 2.3 in the 18-49 demographic — but this is no longer the word in the title that the network was hoping it would be.

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