‘American Idol’s’ Jordin Sparks taught Whitney Houston how to ‘Dougie’

Jordin taught her how to Dougie

With the tragic unexpected passing of Whitney Houston some of the lucky few who were not only fortunate enough to meet her, but also to work with her have been reminiscing about some of their favorite moments with the legendary singer.

Former ‘American Idol’ Jordin Sparks, who is starring with Houston in her last film ‘Sparkle’, spoke to Access Hollywood about some of the things she will miss about Whitney the most, number one being her incredible sense of humor.  She said;

“There was a moment where…. she was blasting gospel [on her iPod] and then for me, sometimes I would put it on and [she said], ‘Teach me how to Dougie!’ [There was] one night where we were all just waiting for the camera change and we’re all upstairs and I put it on and we start moving and we’re getting up and Whitney’s like, ‘OK,’ and she starts Dougie-ing and we’re all Dougie-ing. It was this crazy moment and it was just so funny.”

When asked if Houston was good at doing the Dougie, Sparks revealed that Whitney definitely had the moves.  Jordin said;

“She was, she was very good… It was just so funny and it was it was a kind of crazy, out of body experience because I’m looking at her going, ‘This is Whitney Houston,’ you know, regal, Whitney, and here she is just getting down and it was awesome. It was amazing.”

‘Sparkle’ is set to hit theaters on August 17 and stars Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks and Carmen Ejogo.

Photo: Sony Pictures

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