‘The Bachelor’ preview: Kacie Boguskie’s not done yet…

What’s her message?

Even though Kacie Boguskie left with tears following Monday night’s incredibly-awkward hometown date on “The Bachelor,” she is not done in the least bit when it comes to Ben Flajnik just yet — and for the sake of drama, we couldn’t be happier about it.

Based on everything we are hearing and seeing (which includes the video at the bottom of this article), it really doesn’t seem that Kacie is coming back to beg and plead for another change like last season’s delightfully-sunny Ryan Park — instead, she is coming with a pretty stern warning about Courtney Robertson. This will mark the second time that Kacie has told Ben that our resident ice queen is not the right girl for him — but the last time was back in the final six when she still had a motivation to get Courtney out. She no longer has any real hope at winning Ben back over, and for that reason her concern seems to be coming from a genuine place.

As for whether or not anyone will listen, that still appears to be a toss-up — for one reason or another (and it is possible that it is genuine remorse), Courtney is going to play the “woe is me” approach at some point this episode when it comes to the way in which she has treated the women in the past. Will Ben listen? Probably, because at this point he seems so into her that she could burp the alphabet and still end up moving on. Meanwhile, he was willing to wag his finger in Emily O’Brien’s face like a stern parent the moment she said that Courtney was trouble.

As for who will likely join Courtney in the final two (assuming that Kacie’s warning means nothing, which will probably be the case since he hasn’t listened so far), we would have to bet on Lindzi Cox if for no other reason than that relationship has been building for a much longer time than what he has going on with Nicki Sterling. (Anytime you describe a relationship as “slow to build” on this show, it’s code for it being fodder for the final three or four.)

As for what else we can expect, this episode should be the same as most other final three episodes — with the exception of it being in a colder climate in Switzerland. There will by fantasy suites, making out that would probably gross most of us out if it happened in front of us in real life, and at the end at least one person will end up sobbing uncontrollably when they are sent packing..

Do you think Kacie is doing a noble thing by warning Ben, even if the odds are next to none that he will actually listen?

Photo: ABC

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