‘Survivor: One World’: preview and more Colton antics

What has he done now?

We have a couple of items related to “Survivor: One World” to share over the weekend, and there really seems to be one theme here: there are only a few people who actually seem to be safe at this stage of the game.

Colton’s gaffe – In a new “secret scene” posted online from Wednesday night’s episode (you can see it here if you live in the U.S.), we learn that Mike actually knows about Sabrina handing Colton the idol. Who spilled the beans? That’s not entirely clear, but Colton either dishing the news or allowing it to leak in some other way puts a big dent in his game. After all, it’s a good bit harder to blindside someone when they can see your trick coming a mile away.

If the guys were smart, they would try to just flush this out next week to get everyone on equal playing field — after all, it’s probably pretty clear to them at this point that Colton really just wants to play with the women.

A look ahead – As for next week’s new episode, we have a new promo via CBS that really just shows us one thing — the weather is going to create some major problems.

When a massive storm hits camp, some of the castaways are going to run for cover — in particular the women, whose shelter does not appear to be as strong as the men. This of course leads to more attempts at bartering, and in turn more occasions in which the men throw the offer back in the women’s faces.

As for some strategy, there does appear to be one general consensus among the men — if they lose a challenge, Matt is in big trouble. Colton still holds the power right now, and he and his “misfit alliance” could take the guy (who has come across at times as aggressive and arrogant) out without even having to play the idol at all.

But then again, is this consensus really that safe? Troyzan seems to be making deals with just about everyone — and while this strategy can sometimes work (Boston Rob), there are plenty more occasions when it has backfired in a big way.

Who do you think is in the most trouble?

Photo: CBS

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