‘Jersey Shore’: Pauly D and the great stalker scare

Watch out, Pauly.

One of the complicated elements of “Jersey Shore” as a show is how it has changed since the beginning. We’re not just looking at eight Italian-Americans any more who can blend in on the boardwalk. Instead, we are dealing with reality TV superstars who really cannot blend into an environment in the same way that they used to.

With this, there are often issues that we don’t often see on camera. The Shore Store is stuffed with fans whenever any of the cast members are working there, and you can on occasion hear people scream “Snooki” whenever the pint-sized guidette is seen walking along the boardwalk. While these changes are interesting, they are at least harmless — and what Pauly D dealt with Thursday night was a little bit scary.

While it’s certainly possible that his “stalker” Vanessa really is a rather innocent girl who follows him everywhere, it is still rather weird to see a girl routinely spend every second trying to be near a guy without saying anything. There’s a difference between this and going up and asking for an autograph.

The only thing creepier than this incident of stalking itself was how Vanessa talked with Jwoww about what she was doing — when Pauly’s co-star asked what was in her bag, she would just show her the blanket without really saying anything else. Eventually, Jwoww made her uncomfortable enough to walk away … and perhaps gave her a taste of what she has been doing to Pauly over the course of this season.

Elsewhere in this episode, there was the typical amount of “Shore” craziness — Vinny and Snooki came close to hooking up again, Sammi was a complete and total ghost, and Snooki nearly got arrested for partying on the beach after it was closed.

At this point five seasons in, we’re admittedly looking for a bit more reality to come into the show via conflict — and that’s why the Vanessa plot was interesting. Was it a little too scary for our taste? Perhaps, but the show needs some source of serious conflict — and we sure haven’t been receiving it from many of the cast members as of late.

Would you be freaked out if you were in Pauly’s shoes?

Photo: MTV

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