‘American Idol’: Deandre Brackensick shines as top (25?) revealed

We have the full list!

“I have to sing.” – Adam Brock

We know you do, Adam. Now, we are finally getting the opportunity to find out whether or not that will be on this show. After one of Nigel Lythgoe’s signature cruel cliffhangers on “American Idol’s” history, we began this show with the awkward opportunity to watch his tearful plea a second time. (To check out the first group to make it through, head over here!)

So did he make it? Let’s not waste any time here.

The success stories

Adam Brock – Yes, Adam made it (just as everyone thought that he would). We have seen so much emotion from Mr. “I got a black woman inside of me” throughout the past few weeks … but has it been overbearing at times? This is what we are nervous for him about when it comes to the Top 24.

Jeremy Rosado – Jeremy is a serious sleeper in the competition at this point. His sing for your life performance may be one of the best of the season, and he has genuinely gotten better ever single time we have seen him on the screen.

The other advantage Jeremy has over Adam is that he is not always emotionally overbearing. “What a nice boy,” said Jennifer Lopez to him in a quote that sounds a bit like it is via the witch in “Hansel & Gretel.” The thing is, though, that Jeremy does seem like a nice by — and one capable of doing so much once he realizes how good he is.

Shannon Magrane – It’s unfortunate for Shannon, but on pretty much every occasion we see her we think about Steven Tyler creeping out and calling her “hot” in front of her daughter. (As if this wasn’t weird enough, the rocker’s still joking about it.)

Shannon is one of the strongest acts vocally in this competition, and unlike some past teenagers she seems a little bit more prepared for this show than others. Now, she just has to keep her dad away from Steven.

Skylar Laine – Yes, we have another country singer in the Top 24. Just one season after an all-country finale two, we’re not exactly loving that we have Skylar, Baylie Brown, and Chelsea Sorrell taking up a quarter of the spots — especially when we have so little representation from R&B.

There is still one positive here with Skylar — she does represent a more aggressive form of country than either Chelsea or Baylie. Bring on the Reba!

Hallie Day, Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus – Why didn’t these three get more screentime? At this point, the audience really is only familiar with Hallie out of these three — and the spectacular Aaron could have benefited from the extra air time.


Deandre Brackensick – We’ve been praying for DeAndre to sing Maxwell ever since we first heard him on the show … and he ended up performing “This Woman’s Worth” and overtook Michael Lynche for the best cover ever of this song.

Unlike last year, DeAndre did receive some validation for his hard work in a ticket to the next round.

Hollie Cavanagh – Remember Hollie? We’ve barely see her this season after auditioning last year, but she was fantastic during her final performance this year. She is in some ways akin to Aaron Marcellus or Chase Likens — in other words, she has her work seriously cut out for her.

Eben Franckewitz – Our final announced member of the top 24, the almost-lookalike to Justin Bieber (which really just seems to be overhyped) had to go into the room with David Leathers in what was one of Nigel’s crueler tricks on the night.

Can Eben win? He’ll probably score some young fans, but he needs to do more with his voice if he wants to really go far.

The casualties

Scott Dangerfield – It’s clear that Scott was not exactly pleased about his exit, murmuring “it is what it is” to the camera as he was walking off. Jennifer Lopez said that he was not the same star this year that he was when he auditioned back in season 10 — but we wouldn’t know since the show didn’t both to actually show him off this time at all.

Jermaine Jones – We feel for Jermaine. The big guy with the deep voice has been one of the more interesting people we have ever seen on this show, and we would have loved to see him make it through (even though they could stop playing up the “mama’s boy” angle).

Really, the only thing we didn’t like about Jermaine was that sweatervest he wore during that last performance.

Ariel Sprague and David Leathers Jr. – Why are we grouping these two together? It’s simple — they were each part of the “young group” that also featured Jeremy Rosado and Eben Franckewitz. Unfortunately, these two just simply didn’t have it in them to move forward this year.

Well, at least David can still say that he beat Scotty McCreery in a talent show.

What do you now think of the Top 24 as a whole? Of course we’ll be back next week with even more coverage as we enter the live rounds — and, in a stunning twist, we are going to see another guy added to the show. Who will it be? It’s between Johnny Keyser, Jermaine Jones, Richie Law, or David Leathers.

Photo: Fox

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