‘The Bachelor’: Is this Ben Flajnik – Courtney Robertson story at an end?

Ben -Mrs. Carter: Courney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are starting to come close to blowing Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi out of the water as the worst pair of “Bachelor” exes ever.

Remember when these two were supposedly together and happy? Their relationship lasted for several months after becoming engaged on the show,  but that ended and has since turned very ugly. The biggest catalyst for this now is the new book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain written by Courtney, which contains a number of shocking allegations including the following:

  • That she and Ben supposedly slept together numerous times on the show.
  • That she supposedly encouraged him to hook up with other women, saying that he should “sow his wild oats” now.
  • That Ben’s supposedly “jealousy” kept her from being an alternate on “Dancing with the Stars.”
  • So much more that is way too scandalous and descriptive to reference here.

It’s all pretty shocking stuff if true, but in the end Ben is not too pleased regardless. In a new statement to People Magazine, Ben made it clear how he felt without getting too descriptive in the details:

“It’s sad. A new low, even for Courtney … I don’t see why she would choose to have people look at her the way she has portrayed herself. I am in a really great place in life and don’t have any interest in reliving the nightmare.” 

Ultimately, we understand those who want to feel for Ben here after he has to deal with his dirty laundry being aired, and you want to go back in a time machine and try to keep him from making crazy decisions on the show. However, it’s also hard to be overly sympathetic given he was an active participant, and he also received numerous warnings throughout the show about Courtney from the other women.

As for Courtney, it’s clear with this book that she really is not here to make friends. The only things we see her gaining from this release are a little bit of exposure, and also money from book sales.

Photo: ABC

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