‘Survivor: One World’ interview: strategy talk with Nina Acosta

Nina was the victim of this alliance.

Nina Acosta is unfortunately going to go down in the annals of strong female contestants who go home early on “Survivor” simply because they don’t fit in with their tribe — for prime examples, see Betsy Bolan, Tina Scheer, or even Christine Shields Markowski from last fall (even if Redemption Island ended up keeping her around a while longer). Thanks to a five-person alliance made on day between Chelsea, Kim, Kat, Sabrina, and Alicia — one that some of these women even regretted making after the fact — Nina quickly found herself the odd person out. Speaking her mind at tribal council and at camp about Kat’s inability to be effective probably didn’t help.

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to chat with the retired Los Angeles police officer,

CarterMatt.com: We’ve seen this become a trend on this show that alliances tend to form rather fast. How frustrating is it to see one form on the way to camp, especially when there’s nothing you can do about it?

Nina Acosta: I was very surprised how quickly that alliance came together. It was a blink of an eye, so it was very frustrating. There was no rhyme or reason to other than a group of girls getting together being like ‘oh, I like the way you look’ or ‘your laugh is cute.’ I don’t know what the criteria was.

It was frustrating, because I think it would have been important to take a step back and have conversations with everybody. It’s easy to say that from my end because I was on the outside looking in with that alliance. (Laughs.)

We saw a little bit of you campaigning with Chelsea and Kim during the episode. What was your primary argument when it came to getting rid of Kat?

The obvious argument is that Kat is really a liability to the tribe, and more so than even the distractions of Alicia and Christina’s bickering and all of that. We still needed to try and bring it together as a tribe and when some challenges. Traditionally, the tribe that sticks together the longest produces the winner. I think that’s been proven.

I think getting rid of Kat was obvious — she was a distraction at camp, she was messing up big at challenges, and I was finally fed up with it.

One of the primary arguments that the main alliance seemed to make for keeping Kat was that they would have someone who they knew was on their side. If you had been approached by the other four women in her alliance and told that they wanted you to replace Kat, would you have stuck with them for as long as possible?

That’s a good question. I think I would have remained loyal, but I would not have sold out Monica. I would have tried to bring her in the loop, because I formed an allegiance with her. It would have been interesting to see where that fit in to that whole thing.

When it comes to the twist, did you have any opportunities to spend time with men, and were there any people that you particularly got along well with?

I didn’t get to know the men very well, but a few of them stand out to me. Troy I think has a chance to go far in the game. He’s about the same age as me but he’s interesting to talk to and fit, so I think he’ll do well. Jay’s a nice guy. I know he’s a big pretty boy but he’s very nice and he’s down-to-earth and surprisingly he’s almost too-good looking. (Laughs.)

Matt was super-nice and very intelligent. I know he gets kind of a bad rap, but he’s a good guy. I got to know them a little bit, but I wish I had gotten to know them a little bit better. Tarzan — he [just] seems weird.

Did you want to see Nina go a little bit further in the game than she did?

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