NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants threaten to quit show

There’s a mutiny on set

Contestants from hit NBC show ‘The Biggest Loser’ are in it to win it, there’s no question about that, but after they learned about the new ‘twist’ that producers tried to incorporate into this season, they almost had to re-title the show ‘The Biggest Quitters’.

After learning about NBC’s big twist this season the remaining contestants allegedly threatened to walk off the show as a group, leaving their shot at the $250,000 prize behind them. Numerous insiders from the show gave the scoop to TMZ, saying that the ‘Biggest Loser’ mutiny took place earlier this week when the contestants found out that NBC was considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the cash.

The remaining contestants decided to take a stand as they felt it was unfair that former contestants would be allowed to come back and have a second kick at the can.  During the taping of an episode they protested the producer’s ‘twist’ by walking off the set.  While a representative for NBC had no comment when it came to the cast situation, inside sources say that production has shut down until a solution can be reached.

It is not clear if NBC was planning on bringing back contestants from past seasons or eliminated contestants from this season, but either way the idea of someone coming back for a second chance has rubbed the remaining contestant’s the wrong way and they clearly feel it’s unfair.

Many reality game shows like Survivor and Big Brother have tried to bring back veteran contestants and it never seems to work out well for the new comers.  We’ve seen Boston Rob come back to Survivor and turn the other contestants into fanboys where they ended up basically handing him the prize money on a platter.  We also watched former Big Brother contestants come back into the house and take out the new comers one at a time, week after week until Rachel won the show.  Having the insider knowledge of how the show works is a huge advantage for returning contestants leaving viewers and new contestants feeling a little cheated when former contestants end up winning.

Do you think that the cast should be able to protest against the producer’s decision on what direction they want to take the show?  Should the contestants be forced back to set? What do you think of the twist?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: NBC

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