‘Glee’s’ Max Adler talks Dave Karofsky’s shocking decision and his future

What’s next for Karofsky?

Last night’s episode of ‘Glee’ was probably the most emotionally charged episode the series has ever done as it tackled some serious issues like bullying, teen suicide, marriage and tragedy.

The story line that has everyone is talking today revolves around the character of Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) who was a jock bully that made Kurt’s life a living hell in the past because of his sexuality until it was revealed that Karofsky was also gay and didn’t know how to deal with his feelings.  On the Valentine’s Day episode Karofsky tried to open up to Kurt about his feelings for him resulting in other students at McKinley High finding out that Karofsky is gay.

In last night’s episode (stop reading now if you haven’t seen it) Karofsky is now in Kurt’s position and is being bullied by the jocks at the school in person as well as on social media sites like Facebook – something that is very prevalent in today’s society, but not may shows have addressed.  Karofsky can’t deal with the situation and decides to end his life, but luckily his attempt doesn’t work out and he has a new lease on life.

Adler spoke to E! Online about Karofsky’s story arc and said that he was happy that the show was going to explore this subject calling it “brave and honest”.  He said;

“I was incredibly happy that the writers and producers chose to go there, and I said that to them, ‘It’s so brave and honest, and you’re really treating this character with the integrity that he deserves.’… I felt like to not show the struggle and to have him just kind of flip over and be nice and be happy, I just felt like it wouldn’t have done it the proper justice and it wouldn’t have been treated with the honesty that it deserves. So I was incredibly happy that they decided to kind of push the envelope and go there because I feel like the message that results out of that in the end is one of hope and optimism.”

Will he find love on Glee?

Adler went on to talk about ‘Glee’s’ decision to include the cyber bullying aspect in last night’s episode, saying that it was really important to address it since most bullying is hidden behind a computer these days and that the cyber bullying trend is growing stronger all the time.  He said;

“We took it very seriously. I think the really important thing in that scene as you saw was the decision to commit suicide was made after the Facebook messages, and to me, I feel like the locker room is heartbreaking and tragic but you can deal with that a little bit more because it’s kind of face-to-face, and you feel the emotions. But I feel like when cyber-bullying happens, and you are kind of getting hit from all different angles, and you don’t know who these people are and bullying takes on this life of its own, it becomes incredibly scary and you want to hide in a hole. And for Karofsky there is no other way to express himself anymore. He tried the bullying and the hard bravado outer shell and that didn’t work. And then he tried to accept who he was and experiment and try going to gay bars and ended up being sensitive with Kurt with the Valentine’s-gram and that door got slammed in his face. And I feel like he was just kind of out of questions and out of possibilities.”

Adler added that he was happy last night’s episode ended the show with a flash forward of Karofsky’s life that focused on love and family more than success and money.

What did you think of last night’s episode?  Did you like the way the series dealt with the subject matter?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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