‘Glee’ hits Regionals, but also takes on David Karofsky tragedy

Karofsky was the focal point.

Glee” knew that this episode was going to be the winter finale, and they really didn’t hold anything back. The tears were flowing within the first ten minutes, and they really didn’t stop as we were taken both into the past and present to see a bit more of what led up to some of the moments that caused the episode to unfold in the way it did.

Tragedy – We had a sinking feeling that something was going to happen to Karofsky after the secret got out that he was in love with Kurt — and while we thought he could end up taking his own life, we didn’t think it would happen like this. Beautifully set to a cover of Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup,” the show (cognizant of the fact that young people were watching) did just enough to show that Max Adler’s character was going to take his own life without actually showing the attempt itself.

The aftermath of this move was the focus of much of the early portion of this episode, it featured especially some fine acting from both Adler and Chris Colfer when it came to handling the weight of this situation. We learned that not only had Kurt been ignoring his phone calls leading up to this moment, but that Sebastian also played a role courtesy of what he said to Karofsky at one point at a gay bar. We saw a different side of Grant Gustin’s “villain” this season — his heart grew more sizes than the Grinch’s ever did, and he helped encourage people to give back to charity.

Following Regionals, Kurt ended up paying Karofsky a visit in the hospital for what may be the finest scene these two have done together, as an understated Kurt confirmed the former bully and told him to imagine his life in the future. Kurt / Karofsky ‘shippers are probably watching the hand-holding moment over and over again.

Marriage – Perhaps inspired by the “life is short” mentality following Karofsky’s near-passing, Rachel and Finn decided that they didn’t wait until graduation to get married — instead, they wanted to do it right away.

While we have no clue how in the world Rachel got herself a wedding dress so fast, she was ready to tie the knot after the competition is over. As for what happened … we’ll have more on that in a minute.


Regionals – Yes, there was an actual competition this week in the midst of all the sadness — and it may be one of the best the show has ever put on. The Warblers two numbers, in particular their energetic cover of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came,” were both fantastic — meanwhile, New Directions went the more inspirational route. We are still a bit confused about the random background performers in the Trouble Tones number, but this is one of those times to suspend belief … right?

Following the performances, we had a horror-TV vampire (who was actually played by co-creator Ian Brennan) announce that New Directions was the winner! (No surprise there.) It was a nice moment at the end to see Blaine and Sebastian shake hands — and thus marks the end of the Warblers this season (at least when it comes to singing).

After all this drama, it appeared that everything was finally going to end on a high note … but then Quinn, who was running late on the way to Rachel’s wedding, ended up getting hit by a truck. Is she okay? We’re not going to know unfortunately for several weeks.

Now that we’ve wiped the tears off our keyboard, we can conclude by saying that this may have been one of the strongest episodes of “Glee” all season story-wise — even if some storylines such as Sue getting pregnant were a bit on the backburner in favor of other stories.

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