‘Glee’ preview: what to expect from ‘On My Way’

Everything seems all right here.

With Tuesday night serving as the winter finale for “Glee,” you better expect a cliffhanger that is going to keep you talking well until the spring.

So what can we expect to happen during episode? Without giving anything major away, there will be both moments that make you laugh as well as make you tear up:

Shockers – At some point early in this episode, the members of New Directions are going to be met with some “devastating” news that will likely change the perspective of a few people we have come to know over the past few seasons.

Judging from his performance of the Young the Giant hit “Cough Syrup” during the episode, we’re willing to bet that one of the people who is going to be the most directly impacted here is Blaine.

To make matters all the more interesting, we are not going to be limited to just one surprise this week. By the end of this episode, you’re going to want to watch it again just to make sure you’ve caught everything.

Blackmail – Sebastian will be up to some of his dirty tricks again, and this time around he will be attempting to force Rachel to drop out before Regionals by claiming that if she participates, he is going to put a photo-shopped picture of Finn all over the internet. Will it work? Judging from the photo showing Rachel performing with New Directions, it’s safe to say he’s losing this one.

Performances – In addition to Blaine’s performance, we will have the typical collection of Regionals fare that we are accustomed to on this show every year. The biggest highlights? For now, we’re betting that the Trouble Tones (performing as a part of New Directions) are going to receive the most downloads for their cover of Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).”

The story – Finally, we can say this — we are going to see plenty more of Finn and Rachel’s sprint to the altar — and what some people surrounding them (including Rachel’s dads) are going to do in order to try and keep this from happening.

Photo: Fox

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