ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ finale: Laura and Ted kiss 1963 goodbye

Is Pan Am going to be grounded?

With the future of ‘Pan Am’ still up in the air, fans have been wondering exactly how ABC planned to tie up all the major loose ends in the season finale and give viewers an ending they can be happy with just in case the series isn’t picked up for s second season.

Last night was the season finale (and possible series finale) of ‘Pan Am’ and ABC did not disappoint. After watching Laura and Ted fall in love all season, Ted finally did the right thing and called off his wedding to Amanda to be with Laura.  Our hearts melted when Laura and Ted shared their first kiss, but was subsequently broken when Amanda turned up pregnant, forcing Ted into the marriage anyway.  Ted is derailed when he tries to tell Laura about the pregnancy and we are secretly happy that we can enjoy their romance a little longer.

Kate’s loyalty to the CIA is tested as she shows that she is worthy to become more than just a stewardess that runs errand for the agency when she helps to expose Anderson as a double agent and gets the job done for Richard.  Kate is offered proper CIA training and a place at the agency, but it will require her to leave her job at Pan Am.

Maggie has begun working closely with Captain Broyles in his smuggling ring and has turned her courier job with him into a real money maker.  When she shows Broyles that she is more than just a pretty face, their alliance turns physical and ends all hope of her reconciling with the congressman fans have grown to love.

Colette is asked to be officially courted by a Prince she met a few episodes back and during the courtship she learns that not only that she is actually Jewish, making a relationship between her and the prince impossible, but also that her parents passed away in a concentration camp and that she has a little brother who may still be alive.  Dean is thrilled by the news that Colette and the prince’s relationship has gone south and offers to help Colette find her brother now that he is grounded for 6 months by ‘Pan Am’ for his unscheduled stop in Haiti that resulted in a stowaway.

The show ended with the cast ringing in the New Year together at Ted’s apartment, where the crew was all smiles and kisses leaving fans fairly content if the show doesn’t get picked up again.

The actress that plays Colette, Karine Vanasse, told her Twitter followers a few months back that she received a call from ABC and that ‘Pan Am’ had been cancelled, but ABC countered that, saying that ‘Pan Am’ had not been grounded, but were sketchy on what was actually happening with the show.  The official announcement about ‘Pan Am’s’ future should be coming down in May after the network gauges how their replacement show ‘GCB’ does in ‘Pan Am’s’ time slot, but with the actor that plays Dean, Mike Vogel, being cast in a new television pilot called ‘Living Loaded’, fans are running out of hope that the series will get another season.

Vanasse posted a message on her Twitter account yesterday thanking fans for their support of the show.  She wrote;

“It has been a real pleasure to live tweet with all of you during the season! TY!! Let me know what you think of tonight’s episode. #PanAm”

Are you hoping that ‘Pan Am’ will be renewed?  Do you think that the series would do better on another network like HBO or Showtime?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: ABC

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