‘Vampire Diaries’ Daniel Gillies talks Elijah and flirtation with Nina Dobrev

They are flirty on set

Daniel Gillies character of Elijah on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with, but we have also learned that there are a lot of layers to Elijah and he’s not exactly the easiest character to figure out.

Gillies recently sat down with the LA Times and gave fans some insight when it comes to Elijah, the Originals and his flirty side.  When it comes to Elijah, Gilles tries his best to bring a little ‘humanity’ to the role, regardless of the vampire background.  He said;

“I play him how they tell me to play him. [Laughs] That’s not strictly true. I definitely try and bring humor to him when there isn’t enough humor on the page. I’m always trying to bring humanity to him because, as historically and robotically as he can be written, I am always going to fight them and make him a person.”

In the Ball episode we saw Elijah trying to get information out of Elena (Nina Dobrev) about his mother’s intentions now that the Originals are reunited.  Some viewers thought they saw a connection between Elijah and Elena, but Gillies said that it’s likely due to the fact that he and Dobrev are big flirts.  He explains;

“In a weird way, he feels that they have some kind of special connection, which he’s not altogether incorrect about. They’re sort of battling at being honest with one another. Both of them, because they’ve both betrayed one another. They both would aspire to be loyal to one another — and in another universe they might have succeeded — but they’re failing miserably …. There is something deeper than romantic. I don’t understand it with them. There is a magnetism. Maybe it’s Nina and I. We’re both colossal flirts! It’s true, you know. I think we just enjoy being in scenes with each other and maybe that’s what people are reading, they like flirting with each other, probably. I don’t know.”

What fans really want to know is what do the Originals have in store for the residents of Mystic Falls?  Is Esther really going to end the vampire curse she put on her children?  Gillies said;

“I think in a sense she’s (Esther)  going to use them quite a bit. That kind of a force — it’s brilliant writing, to be honest, brilliant. I think she’s going to do one of two things, she’s either going to destroy us all or make us stronger.”

Outside of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Gillies has a few projects coming up as he will be working on  NBC’s ‘Saving Hope’ as well as a film called ‘Broken Kingdom’ which he not only stars in but also wrote and directed.

Photo: CW

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