ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’: Prince Charming, Snow White fail at true love

True love based on lies?

In last week’s episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ ABC brought viewers the story of Beauty and the Beast as we fell in love with the idea of Belle and Rumpelstiltskin struggling with true love.  With the bar being set incredibly high with performances by Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle and a story line that made our hearts melt it was going to be difficult for ABC to meet the new viewer expectation for the series.

This week’s episode focused on ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ weakest characters, a home wrecking Snow White and a cheating, lying Prince Charming and while it was great to see these two get some of their just desserts for their deception in the real world, it still didn’t feel like it was enough to root for these two to end up together.

David Nolan (Charming) and Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White) decide that he is going to tell his Storybrooke wife, Kathryn, about their affair so that they can be together, but he lies to everyone when he wimps out and makes up another reason to leave his wife.  When Kathryn eventually finds out about his betrayal she is crushed and goes to Mary Margaret’s work to confront her with a slap to the face.  For some reason Mary Margaret is shocked when she learns that her Prince lied to her and didn’t tell Kathryn about their affair leaving Snow White to deal with the town’s backlash against her for sneaking around with another woman’s husband and ultimately deciding to end things with David.

Although it is understandable that ABC has to create an obstacle between Snow White and Prince Charming in the real world before they finally get together in the end, Snow White has been made out to be a doormat, who expects way too much out of Prince Charming – cheating men rarely leave their wives and then magically turn into honest and honorable men to the woman they cheated with, that’s a fairytale.  So seeing Mary Margaret be upset at David for lying to Kathryn and in turn lying to her didn’t really make a lot of sense since he’s already been lying to everyone, but as the old saying goes; love is blind.

We also heard the story of David’s wife, Kathryn in the fairytale world, where we learn that her true love Frederick had been turned to gold by King Midas and she has tried everything possible to release him from his curse.  Offering Charming a trade, his freedom from marrying her for help to reunite her with her true love, the prince sets out on a journey to gather some magical water from a lake to break the spell – and it works.  Back in Storybrooke Kathryn decides to leave David after realizing that he loves Snow White and leaves him a letter before taking off for Boston to go to Law school, unfortunately because of the curse the evil queen has placed on the town, Kathryn can’t leave, so as the queen breaks into her house and burns up the letter to David, Kathryn reaches the town’s boarder and her car crashes.  Her true love, Frederick, happens to be driving by and when he checks out the accident, Kathryn is missing.

Once Upon A Time’ is also trying to create some sort of connection between Sheriff Emma Swan and the writer, August W. Booth, but there is just no on screen chemistry between these two at this point.  He takes her on a ‘date’ to a wishing well where they drink the water that has ‘magical properties’ and by the end of the episode the missing story book that disappeared after the Mayor dug up Henry’s playground washes up in perfect condition behind the wheel of Emma’s car. Really what happened was Booth found the book and after cleaning it, placed it behind Swan’s car to give back to Henry.

While viewers are enjoying most of the secondary story lines, the central plot between Snow White and Prince Charming needs a lot of work if ABC wants viewers to root for them, since it’s fairly difficult to root for people who are so unlikeable.

Photo: ABC

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