TV moments of the week: ‘Glee’ over Rachel’s dads, cheers for Adele

Worth the wait.

With the February sweeps still going strong, there was a little bit of everything worth watching this week — to singing (and even more singing) to comedy to people trotting around an island with ridiculous names like “Troyzan.”

Unfortunately, there was also a premiere that scored ratings that we are still tearing up about.

Meeting Rachel’s dads¬†– We have waited for nearly three full seasons¬†on “Glee” to have the opportunity to meet Rachel Berry’s gay dads, but it was very well worth the anticipation. Not only did Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum bring a tremendous amount of fun to their respective roles, but they also brought sophistication. We haven’t really met many parents at all on the show, but these two are already up there with Mike O’Malley’s delightfully blue-collar Burt Hummel.

Adele’s Grammy flourish – Going into the Grammy Awards last weekend, pretty much every music critic alive was cognizant of the fact that Adele was likely going to end up taking home at least a few trophies. Ultimately, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer collected so many awards (in six) that she could barely carry them all. To make this honor even better, we had a performance of “Rolling” — her first since undergoing major throat surgery last fall — that was simply sublime.

The drama returns!

The return of “Survivor” – For the first time since “Nicaragua” in fall 2010, “Survivor: One World” actually came on the air without the annoyance that is returning castaways. There were no frills, no Redemption Island, and some genuine parity when it came to how much airtime the contestants receive. We’re old-school with our love of the game — and we were happy to see the show keep going in that direction.

Of course, there are still immunity idols falling out of the sky … but you really can’t win everything that you fight for, especially when so many people swear it adds a sense of excitement to the game. As for one change that is making us smile, we like having both tribes living together.

Maya Rudolph – We’d be putting the entire episode of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend on here, but then we’d have to be giving some credit to a so-so opening sketch involving basketball commentators talking Jeremy Lin and a performance by Sleigh Bells that we’re still trying to understand.

Instead, we’re solely recognizing Rudolph — a woman who carried “SNL” to one of its funniest shows in ages thanks to some stellar impressions (Beyonce and Michelle Obama), some dancing in a Brailian samba outfit, and even some singing in the opening monologue. Rudolph did it all this week, and it was funny every step of the way.

Worst TV moment of the Week – “Cougar Town’s” ratings. Despite our concerns for its TV life, we really wanted “Cougar Town” to come back and make ABC look silly for “Work It” and “Man Up!” attempting to be a hit Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. Unfortunately, scoring below a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic for the season 3 premiere (even with the excuse of it being Valentine’s Day) is not going to get the show a renewal. With every other comedy on the schedule pulling better numbers, we’re shaking in our boots that we won’t be seeing Courteney Cox on TV that much longer.

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