‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Colton takes center stage

Colton’s already in trouble.

Even though there are no returning players to hog the air time this season on “Survivor,” we do still have someone who is going to clearly receive a good chunk of the early airtime — and he goes by the name of Colton Cumbie.

Thanks to having the immunity idol in his pocket, Colton can very well manipulate this game in any direction that he wants. If he reveals the idol, he may be able to persuade one of the alliances within the male tribe to vote out a major threat such as Matt or Michael — though he could theoretically do the same thing in not revealing it to anyone (and playing it when everyone votes to get rid of him — which seems to be coming soon), this isn’t going to get him an alliance in the process.

Of course, the biggest problem for Colton in pulling it off is just as the video suggests — he doesn’t get along with the guys, and one of the reasons why is that he doesn’t seem to be making much of an effort at it. You have to be able to adapt to go far in this game, and convince people you are on their side even when you are not — Todd from “China” is a great example of this. Colton, meanwhile, is so far intent more on isolating himself.

While Colton seems to be public enemy #1 for the guys, Christina is in the same exact position for the girls. She made the mistake of trying to barter with a group of people that the other women had little to no interest in negotiating with. Kourtney even said in her exit interview that Christina was going to be the one voted out had she been able to continue in the game — so unless someone finds an idol and throws it in her direction soon, she’s likely to be the next one gone from her tribe.

As for what else is going to happen this week, the video shows off what seems to be a multitude of challenges. Either we are going to be lucky enough to see a reward and immunity challenge this week (which seems a little strange for it only being the second episode), or some of these challenges shown are from future episodes. Regardless, we have to say that having a challenge involving a balance beam seems to slightly favor castaways with smaller feet.

Photo: CBS


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