‘The Bachelor’ preview: Courtney the wedding planner

What’s she up to now?

Who wants to get married after just two one-on-one dates and a clothes-free swimming session? If you answered “Courtney from ‘The Bachelor‘” to this question, then you win a prize! (Of course, this prize is really just the video below.)

On Monday night’s episode of the drama-filled show, Ben Flajnik’s final four ladies are going to be showcasing their manipulated-for-entertainment-purposes worlds to us — and while some other ladies (see Kacie and Nicki) are going to try and keep their parents from freaking out all over our leading man, Courtney is going to yet again be on the offensive.

Her strategy for her hometown date seems to be rather simple — flatter Ben through the roof by showing him some handmade creations in front of an altar and an audience of empty chairs. Could someone see this as a bit forward and somewhat desperate? Sure, but in the world of “The Bachelor” this actually comes across as the nicest thing that Courtney has really done this season. While their is some major manipulation going on here, she is at least doing something to show off some vulnerability. (Hey, at least everyone kept their clothes on and there was no bashing anyone else for being too “boring.” We have to celebrate the little victories with Courtney.)

As for the content of the other hometown dates, that is not nearly as clear since the show is obviously trying to keep something close to the vest. We have heard that one date is going to completely turn out being a surprise to Ben, and in turn it could completely turn around in his mind the feelings that he has. The person who does clearly have a disadvantage in this round is Nicki — she has spent less one-on-one date time with Ben than any other remaining woman, and she also has parents who have already seen her get divorced once. With this in mind, it’s hard to see them getting particularly thrilled about her wanting to follow a whirlwind romance with a winemaker / reality star that she has only known for a few weeks — and he was dating multiple other people at the same time.

Who do you think is poised to benefit the most from these dates — and do you think Courtney is helped or hurt by being away from all of the other women and not being able to get into their heads?

Photo: ABC

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