ABC’s ‘Pan Am’: What does the future hold?

The season finale is tomorrow night

It’s not that often that a show as layered as ‘Pan Am’ crops up and although the drama is seamlessly put together and always entertains, the show just doesn’t seem to be taking flight.

Part of the problem with ‘Pan Am’ was the way it was originally advertised before it aired.  ABC made the show seem like it was the new ‘Sex and the City’, when it reality it’s not even close, so men tuned out while ‘Sex and the City’ enthusiasts were disappointed to learn the show was not as advertised.  If ABC had been honest in the commercials about what the show is really about, they would’ve had more people tuning in and sticking around, because who doesn’t love secret spies, world travel, political hot topics and romance – especially when the writing is as good as it is.

As the months have gone on the viewership has steadily dropped and few months ago, one of the stars of the show, Karine Vanasse (Colette) posted a message on her Twitter account saying that ‘Pan Am’ had been canceled causing a worldwide panic on the social networking site.  ABC was forced to come forward and deny the rumor, however we are now coming up to the season finale tomorrow night and there has still been no mention of the show being picked up for a second season.

While the final word on what’s happening to ‘Pan Am’ won’t be revealed until May, likely after they see how well it’s replacement, ‘GCB’, does in its place, ‘Pan Am’s’ show-runner Steve Maeda (Lost, Lie to Me) gave some insight into the future of the series to the LA Times.  Maeda was brought onto the show mid-season and said that it was tough the first couple of weeks, but that he was happy with the way the show was progressing.  He said;

“The iconography of the show and identity are so strong. What we tried to do is to embrace the soap side, emphasize the entanglements. Rally the core audience. It was tough the first couple weeks but a lot of it was moving things along. We have to come up with a new script every eight days. But it works and we’re all happy with the show. I feel creatively it’s working right now. For me, the show is good with having fun with the era, the entanglements and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

If ‘Pan Am’ gets picked up for a second season, Maeda says that fans can expect the show to expand outside of the stewardesses world and focus on more of the characters back stories.  He said;

“We tried to focus on that and what the characters are about and will do so moving forward. Should we have the chance to be renewed we will focus and expand beyond the stewardess world. We have lots of stories to tell about the characters. We already started doing backstories, like with Maggie.”

One of the major problems with the show is that most of its viewership DVR’s the program and doesn’t watch it live. This drops the ratings which will eventually leads to the show getting canceled.  Madea said;

“We get a lot of DVR viewers to the show. Good upscale core of viewers. But it’s better if they watch it live in addition to DVR’ing it. Please watch the finale live and if you like it, write an email to ABC and let them know. We tie up some loose ends but we also add some new threads in there to explore later. But, should we not get picked up, it’s a sendoff to the show viewers will be happy with.”

It’s possible that if ABC doesn’t pick ‘Pan Am’ up for a second season that the show could find a good home on a channel like HBO or Showtime.  We can always hope.

Be sure to tune into the season and possible series finale of ‘Pan Am’ airing tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Photo: ABC

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