Is Adam Lambert serving as ‘Project Runway’ guest judge?

Will Adam be a judge?

A rumor is currently running rampant at the moment that Adam Lambert is going to be a guest judge on “Project Runway” this coming season — though for now, it’s hard to really get much of a firm answer out of anyone as to whether or not it is happening. (If we had to place a bet, though, we would lean towards it happening.)

Here’s what we do know for sure about this possible gig:

-Adam is currently in New York City, which happens to be where the show typically shoots.

-A poster over on a message board claimed to have a source that said he was in fact coming on board as a guest judge.

-“Project Runway” does make it a familiar habit to have big-name celebrities come on board as guests. Kim Kardashian has already done so this season, and such past candidates include Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie.

-Adam is also familiar with New York fashion, having attending shows by The Blonds in particular in the past. He is well-known for a signature sense of style, and has worked as a red-carpet correspondent for various award shows.

One of the real reasons we can’t get confirmation on this rumor at the moment is simply because either Adam or Lifetime may be wishing to announce it themselves if this is true. If not, then we likely just have a case here of someone wanting to make a wish come true.

Do you want to see Adam on the show? If we get confirmation one way or the other on this, we will update this post. The new season is set to premiere on July 28.

Photo: Greg Hernandez

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