‘The Bachelor’s’ Emily O’Brien talks Ben Flajnik, Courtney connection

She has lost respect for Ben

When Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson bared during their midnight swim, many of the women on ‘The Bachelor’ were upset, but recently eliminated contestant Emily O’Brien says that she doesn’t have a problem with it, but thought the other women should have all had the choice to join in the fun.

O’Brien spoke to US Magazine about Ben and Courtney’s private swim, saying that it sounded like “fun” and that it might have been better if they had all done it together as a group.  She said;

“I don’t have a problem with it; I think it sounded like fun.  I think we probably would have liked to have done it maybe as a group.”

Emily went on to say that she understands the motivation behind what Courtney did, but thought that she should have had some respect for the other women that were there too.

“I understand the motivation behind wanting to do that with a guy that you like, but I still think you should have some element of respect for the other people there. I think it sort of clouded Ben’s judgment a little bit because I think he had that sort of physical intimacy on his mind instead of taking things with each woman one step at a time.”

O’Brien added that Courtney is certainly not the only one responsible for taking the other women’s feelings into consideration and that Ben should have been “respectful” of the other women.  She said;

“He’s obviously very attracted to Courtney and wanted to take advantage of that opportunity, and I understand that. I just wish he had been a little bit more respectful of us and taken a second to think, ‘Hey, maybe this will keep my mind clear and help me to make the decision I need to make to get to the point where I need to be, which is looking for a life partner, not someone to hook up with.'”

Just like many of the other women who have been eliminated on the show, O’Brien’s respect for Flajnik has dropped considerably now that she is watching the show from home, but at the same time she reveals that she doesn’t have any regrets about doing the series.  She explains;

“My respect for Ben has gone down, certainly, since the show has aired and since I’ve gotten some perspective on things. I’ve had some people say that I’ve dodged a bullet. I’ve had others say that I dodged a locomotive with a nuclear bomb strapped to it.  I’m not sure that I would put it that way, but I think for sure we were not meant to be together, and he was not the right guy for me.”

As the show goes on, it’s clear to all that Ben has chosen Courtney as his bride long ago and at this point the other women are stuck going through the motions until the show is over.  Although Ben may have been a favorite as a contestant on Ashley Hebert’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’ he certainly hasn’t won over anyone during his time on ‘The Bachelor’ and has been dubbed by many as the worst Bachelor in history.

Do you think Ben made a mistake going for a swim with Courtney?  Do you think it was his biggest mistake or do you feel he has done other things along the way that have been just as bad?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: ABC

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