‘Survivor: One World’: a chat with Kourtney Moon

Kourtney's out of the game.

It’s never easy to be the first one to be eliminated on any “Survivor” season — but this is ultimately even worse when you are the first one out because of an injury. This happened with Kourtney Moon on Wednesday night’s premiere of “One World,” as a freak accident when it came to landing on a net during the immunity challenge caused the motorcycle mechanic to break several bones in her wrist / arm.

Even though she was only a part of “One World” for three days, Kourtney still had some good insight into life on the show, alliances, and just what the castaways were thinking about going into this season:

Carter: So take me into when everyone was first arriving on the beach — did you have any sense of what was going to happen when it came to a twist? Did you think that Russell was just going to pop up out of the bushes?

Kourtney: I actually didn’t think there were going to be any past contestants. I just had a feeling even though I think there was enough room for that to happen. I think it happened too many — I just did have a feeling.

I was more afraid of a Redemption Island, because I didn’t want to deal with Redemption Island. But [with the battle of men vs. women] being the twist, it took a minute to register. And then, I was [upset] because they had a better section of the island than we did.

Based on what we saw during the show, it appeared that even though both tribes were living on the same beach, we aren’t exactly seeing much interaction. Is this actually what happened?

Yeah, I think everybody went in there with the mentality of ‘this is my tribe and that is your tribe’ and that just sort of stuck. I think everyone was on that page and I think maybe the ones that weren’t were maybe a couple of the girls that wanted to milk what they could out of the boys.

If you had stayed in the game, do you think that you would have left at tribal council? It seems as though Christina was really the one some of the women were after.

… I don’t think I would have been out. Actually, it was pretty confirmed that Christina was going to be out if we lost the challenge, so Monica and I stayed up kind of late that night trying to figure out what we were going to do to keep Christina from going out that night or on Night two.

Kourtney later revealed that if she had found the hidden immunity idol as Sabrina did, she would not have been so quick to hand it over to someone such as Colton — instead, she would have taken more time to make her decision.

After the show, life has not necessarily been easy for Kourtney. She is likely going to need to have her arm re-broken in order to fully correct the injury she suffered during the game, and she has also told Rob Cesternino via his podcast that she is currently undergoing treatment for a tumor in her abdomen. (She is, thankfully, currently in the process of recovering.)

Who are you hoping wins this season?

Photo: CBS

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