‘Jersey Shore’s’ newest situation … cake

Falsely accused.

From a standpoint of social dynamics, what makes “Jersey Shore” so fascinating as how something as simple as cake can be so representative of a show as a whole — but that is precisely what happened Thursday night.

What exactly happened? To sum things up, Snooki and Deena decided that they needed to make a case as a gesture of goodwill to Shore Store Manager Danny — who they decided to ditch last week for a round of heavy drinking. Their cake was a cute little concoction with their names on it along with an apology — but while they were sleeping, someone actually took a giant spoonful of cake and shoved it in their mouth.

So who was it? The entire house blamed Mike simply for no other reason than that this is something that Mike has been known to do — he loves to stir up trouble, in particular when it comes to angering Snookii. However, he wasn’t actually behind it this time — instead, it was a hungry Pauly D who just wanted to try out a slab of cake for the fun of it in the middle of the night.

Just as if they were feeding the fire, this really just ended up giving Mike even more incentive to cause trouble later. While he puts a good bit of it on himself by acting shady at times, being frequently accused as the wrongdoer can’t always be the easiest thing to take. While not everyone may like “The Situation” for causing so much drama, he’s really a key cog in the show at this point.┬áIn the midst of what may very well be the worst season ever when it comes to drama (meaning that there really is none), he’s the only person bringing us a storyline that goes from week to week. He’s still planning to “out” Snooki for something she may not have actually done to her boyfriend Jionni, but he’s not afraid to hit on her a little bit along the way. As for the other stars, here’s what we got — Ronnie and Sammi are happy, Deena’s getting along with everyone, and Vinny’s stopped causing problems with Snooki for the time being. If we had to wager why the show is losing viewers, it’s because this season has provided next to nothing for people to gossip about. As much as like talking about cake, it’s not going to be watercooler discussion in the morning.

At one point later this season, we are going to see a tiny cameo from Angelina Pivarnick — and this brief moment may actually make us miss her. While the entire cast hated her, it’s sorely missing that spark that led to some of fights that made this show successful to begin with.

Photo: MTV

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