‘Dancing with the Stars’ casting rumors: who’s entering the ballroom?

The rumors begin…

In just over two weeks on February 28, ABC is going to unveil their new cast of celebrities for “Dancing with the Stars” on “Good Morning America.” It’s an event that sequin-hugging ballroom fans have been looking forward to for some time, but what’s always as entertaining as the announcement itself is hearing all of the rumors that run rampant in the weeks leading up to it.

So what names are we hearing at this moment? There’s a mix of everything, from reality stars to actors to athletes and even politicians — but what most of them have in common is a reluctance to put on dancing shoes at the moment.

Tim Tebow – This name has been a favorite for everyone since the talk first surfaced. ABC is probably off Tebowing somewhere in hopes that it will summon the Denver Broncos quarterback a la saying the word “Bettlejuice” three times … but it’s not going to happen. A rep for the Broncos has already said that their quarterback is keeping his focus on football for the time being — and while it’s possible that Tebow could go on the show eventually, it’s not likely to be until after the peak of his career.

Kendall, Bruce, or Kylie Jenner – We get it — the Kardashians are popular, and there will always be rumors about them. At the same time, though, the Kardashians are hated by a good many people in America, and casting another one just a season after Rob finished in second place doesn’t seem smart. Remember that last season was the lowest-rated in the series’ history since it first started airing in the fall and spring — this may not be Rob’s fault, but why repeat what wasn’t a success?

Out of these three, Bruce seems to be the only one that’s a possibility — he is an Olympian, and this mixed with his reality stardom makes him attractive. Meanwhile, there’s no way that the show is going to cast two teenage girls in Kendall and Kylie who are still in high school.

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley – Ever since Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino shamed “Jersey Shore” fans everywhere by having no rhythm whatsoever back in fall 2010, there has been talk about bringing another person who practices GTL into the fold.

However, none of these rumors seem to be true. Snooki blasted casting rumors for most of last summer, and now Jwoww is being targeted for the gig despite the fact that she is about to start filming a spin-off show that will conflict with the “Dancing” rehearsal schedule. The show’s most-likely candidates are probably someone like Deena Cortese or Ronnie Magro — but these may not be big enough names for the show.

Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain – With these two out of the Presidential race, the show likely does want someone with political ties to come on board. “Dancing” has an audience that is more Republican than other shows, and Bachmann and Cain still have supporters.

However, both parties have denied in some shape or form that they will be appearing on this upcoming season. Cain apparently does not want to become a “reality star” so quickly after his campaign fell apart, and Bachmann is still a member of the House of Representatives. Personally, we wouldn’t mind seeing Jon Huntsman or a Democrat in Al Gore giving the show a chance.

Dolly Parton – This is a rumor that has been floating around for a while. Parton is an international star, and she would be the sort of big-ticket casting that seems to suit the show perfectly. She’s funny, talented, and appeals to older fans. Plus, this could help younger viewers find out a bit more about her.

While it’s possible Parton may not be interested for whatever reason, this seems like a match made in ballroom heaven.

Gavin DeGraw – Ryan Tedder recently let it slip to The Hollywood Reporter that the “I Don’t Wanna Be” cast member is going to be a part of the show, and DeGraw seems like a fine choice. He’s current, has a new hit currently on the radio, and there is a dedicated fanbase out there.

Is DeGraw exciting enough as a person to bring in viewers? That’s the real question, as his only real non-music headline as of late was when he was a victim of an attack after hanging out in a New York City bar.

Victor Cruz – The New York Giants star is known for dancing the salsa in the end zone … but he’s not going to be doing it in the ballroom. The Super Bowl winner recently said that he was approached by producers, but declined joining the show to focus on improving his game (and possibly avoiding an inury at a key point in his contract negotiation process).

Regis Philbin – This rumor seems to just be a strange one. Regis may have a connection to ABC (who aired “Live!” for so many years), but what’s the motivation for the legendary host (who has had health problems over the years) to put himself through the physical and emotional stress of this?

Regis has said that he is not retired and does want to continue to work in TV — but we only see this happening if he’s bored and wants to try something new.

Lindsay Lohan – We haven’t heard much about it this season, but this is a rumor that just won’t go away. Now actually seems like as good of a time as ever for Lindsay to attempt a comeback with this show — she’s doing a good job staying out of trouble at the moment, and this would help her be viewed in a positive light again. She also has a great history with “Dancing” parent company Disney.

This is still rather unlikely, but we’re not going to rule out Lindsay someday deciding to give ballroom dancing a chance.

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Photo: ABC

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