‘Glee’: kneel before the God Squad!

Who won her heart?

It’s Valentine’s Day — so what better way to celebrate than with an episode of “Glee” about the “God Squad” and someone handing out Valentines in a gorilla suit? There was quite a bit going on here in “Heart,” but we will try to cover as many as we can.

The God Squad is born! – For a group entitled the God Squad, this really was quite a group of sinners. We have Quinn (who tried to prove that Shelby was an unfit mother last fall by planting things in her room), Sam (who worked as a male go-go dancer), and Mercedes (who cheated on Shane with Sam) leading the charge. Then, we have Joe Hart — the new character by Samuel Larsen who grew up in a sheltered environment and yet has tattoos of various Biblical quotes allover him.

The conflict for the God Squad here was unfortunately one that the show has already ventured down a number of times already — whether gay and lesbian students are actually accepted in school. Joe wasn’t sure how he felt about using the God Squad’s donation program to sing to Brittany and Santana, but at the end of the episode he ended up going along with it.

Meanwhile, Sam and Mercedes were having trouble focusing on their new group thanks to each other — Mercedes finally did end up splitting from Shane, but (in a surprisingly real moment for this show) realized that she felt so guilty about cheating that she couldn’t be with Sam, either.

Artie vs. Rory — who wins? – For the first time in weeks, Damian McGinty had something major to do as Rory and Artie engaged in a rather heated battle over Sugar’s heart — one that ended up leading to a rather epic sing-off featuring everything from boy band moves to tears.

At first, we gave the edge to Kevin McHale’s character for using his charm to win Sugar over with “Let Me Love You” — but then, Rory got the upper hand with a heartfelt announcement that he was turned down a visa and would be leaving McKinley High at the end of the season. This news alone got Rory the sympathy note to get a date from Sugar to her “Sugar Shack” party … but judging from Rory’s own behavior, we have a feeling he was just making the whole story up in order to get a date.

The scheming Berry clan – We finally met Rachel Berry’s two dads this week, and it only took us about thirty minutes to realize that they are as shrewd as shrewd can be. Why? The managed to make Finn and Rachel realize that getting married so young could be a bad idea in the matter of one sleepover. Not only that, but Finn learned that Rachel apparently thinks he is going to spend his time in New York hovering over her like a waiter.

However, the plan by the dads (played brilliantly by Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum) then ended up being a flop since it really just ended up drawing “Finchel” closer — so close that they want to get married in May. Is there going to be trouble now? You better believe it!

Karofsky! – Karofsky came back in a big way this week, and also a way that Kurt certainly didn’t see coming. He spend the vast majority of the episode thinking that the man in the gorilla costume handing out chocolates was Blaine … but it turned out to just be Max Adler’s character in disguise to reveal his feelings.

We are thrilled to see that the show decided to actually examine a potential relationship between Kurt and Karofsky, even though it’s clear that the romantic feelings are pretty one-sided. Considering that Karofsky did end up outing himself to someone from his old school, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen in the last of him yet.

Overall, this was an episode with quite a bit going on, but there really was so much to like here –while we wish that both Damian and Samuel had a bit more in the way of material, we are thrilled that they are each still getting an opportunity to make the transition from reality TV onto this show — especially during a season 3 that is far closer to season 1 in quality than what we saw last year.

Photo: Fox

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