‘The Bachelor’s’ Blakeley Shea hurt after Ben Flajnik’s rejection

She felt back stabbed by Ben

Fans weren’t the only ones left with their mouths hanging open in shock when ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik decided to give Rachel the rose instead of Blakeley Shea on their two on one date, especially after Blakeley shared her incredibly sweet journal with Ben outlining all of their adventures together.

Blakeley couldn’t believe that Ben gave Rachel the rose and sent her packing and like the rest of us, she is left shaking her head at Ben’s bizarre dating decisions on the show.  So what exactly went wrong between the two of them?  Blakeley reveals her theory behind her sudden departure from the show to People Magazine, saying that she thinks Ben just wasn’t feeling the same connection that she was. She said;

“I know Ben was attracted to me. We had good chemistry. I was developing real feelings for him. Maybe he developed more emotions for other [girls]. If he wasn’t feeling it, it was the best [move] for both of us, but it’s never easy for someone to tell you things aren’t going the way you think they are.”

When asked if she saw any indication that Ben was leaning towards choosing Rachel over her, Blakeley said she was blindsided by his choice.  She said;

“I didn’t sense anything was off. I actually got a really good feeling when I showed him the journal and book I made for him. I had something from every place we’d gone and every date. I wanted him to know I was there for the right reasons. He was like, “Wow this is great. You keep surprising me.” It was a little dagger in my back when he gave the rose to Rachel.”

As many of the contestants that have been kicked off this season before her, she weighed in on the highly controversial mid-night swim that Ben had with Courtney Robertson.  Blakeley said;

“Personally, I wouldn’t go [for a mid-night swim] in front of America and cameras. But if I was in a relationship and the two of us were on a trip, that’s a different story. It’s awesome that he’s outgoing but it would have helped if he’d thought about the repercussions. It would have hurt me if I was the one he proposed to and then saw [that].”

Were you upset to see Blakeley go home?  Do you think Ben is going to end up with Courtney? Are you even watching anymore?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: ABC

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