‘Pan Am’ recap: Colette has an admirer as Dean’s life falls to pieces

Will there be another season?

Last night ABC aired ‘Pan Am’s’ second last episode of the season and the masterminds behind the show pulled out all the stops to keep their fans wanting more.

After Dean’s indiscretion with Bridget and then Colette’s decision to tell him to shove off, Dean finds himself ending his romance with Ginny however, Ginny reveals that she has left Edward, Dean’s boss, and that she only wants to be with Dean.  As Ginny quickly realizes her words mean nothing to Dean, and she has a catastrophic meltdown  on the street and begins throwing milk bottles at him as she screams at the top of her lungs.

Watching Dean’s whole life fall apart has been an interesting ride since we’ve really only seen his romantic side with Colette, but after what happened with Bridget, fans are enjoying watching Dean getting his just desserts.

As the crew gets ready to leave America on a flight to Italy, Colette is asked to watch a young male passenger, Charlie, who is travelling alone to Rome to meet up with his mother, but when he arrives he is not surprised to see that she isn’t coming for him and that he will be spending his time with the housekeeper. Colette feels a motherly instinct towards Charlie  when she learns he will be all alone for his trip and invites him out to dinner, but he has other plans for her as he tries to wine and dine her.  When Charlie decides to try and steal a kiss from Colette the situation quickly becomes awkward, but by the end of the episode they find a way to resolve things between them.

When Dean lands in Rome he is horrified to see Ginny has turned into a bit of a stalker and she is sitting in the lobby of his hotel waiting for him.  When he speaks to her later up in his hotel room Dean stands firm behind his decision to end the romance between them and in a weird twist of fatal attraction, Ginny smashes her head through the hotel window and ends up in the hospital.

Ginny sends a wire to Edward and tells him she’s “had a fight with a window”.  He jumps on the next flight out to Rome and tensions rise at the hospital as Dean tells him about his affair with Ginny.  Edward tells Dean that he already knew and we find out that one of the stewardesses told Edward about the indiscretion – but who was the snitch?  When Edward threatens Dean’s job, Dean turns it around on Edward revealing that he knows Ginny is his mistress and that his wife wouldn’t be happy to hear about it.

Unfortunately Dean is not the only member of the crew that finds Rome to be uninviting.  Kate has a run in with a stranger who warns her to stay away from her boyfriend Niko leaving her shaken and scared.  When Kate returns to New York, the CIA convinces her to break up with Niko to motivate him to be angry at his people and unite with America.

Throughout the episode, viewers are kept at the edge of their seat as they learn if Laura enjoyed some smushy fun time with a photographer named Graham, back in New York before they headed out to Rome.  When we find out that she decided to keep her virtue intact Graham tells her that he didn’t realize she was so “young” – words that hit Laura deeper then she thought.  She spends her time in Rome trying to explore a different side of herself and when she returns to New York she decides to bare all to Graham and be the model for his next art installation.

If you are a little confused by last night’s episode – wondering why Laura is still pure after she hooked up with that sailor a few episodes back, or why Dean and Colette seemed like they were on very good terms after their huge falling out, or why Ginny was even back at all since that was all tied up so long ago or even why Laura’s photos were in a gallery last week but they hadn’t even been taken until this week – it’s because this episode was aired out of order and this was part of an older storyline.  Why did ABC decide to change it up?  Some are saying that it’s because Colette’s storyline with Charlie was boarder line inappropriate and it wasn’t ever going to air while others are saying that it was because producers were afraid of ‘Pan Am’ getting canceled so they put their stronger episodes first leaving this one out.

With next Sunday’s episode being the season finale and there still being no word on if ‘Pan Am’ will be picked up for another season, fans are wondering if the show will wrap up all of the loose ends next week or end the season with the hopes of season two getting picked up.  The fact that the actor who plays Dean, Mike Vogel, has signed on to star in a new pilot is a bad sign for ‘Pan Am’, but fans are holding out hope that the show will fly again for season two.

Photo: ABC

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