‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki defends fashion choice at Grammy Awards

Snooki at the Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are a night for honoring great talent in the music industry, but another aspect of it is a fun opportunity to check out all the fashion hits and misses on the red carpet.

One person who seems to have been put on blast for her fashion choice, regardless of the fact that she looked absolutely stunning in her dress, is ‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki.  While many celebrities choose gowns from high fashion designers like Chanel or Alexander McQueen, Snooki wore a beautiful dress from the retailer Bebe.

For some reason the fact that she decided to choose a dress from a store and not a designer has upset some people and Snooki has had to defend her choice of dress on her Twitter account.  The reality star said that she loved the fashion from Bebe before she was famous and still loves it now – something not many celebrities would stand behind but more really should.  She said;

“I’m not Hollywood or a follower. I’m going to dress how I want to the Grammys. Keepin it real and really don’t give a [expletive]”

One of the other criticisms Snooki was facing was that she was not a musician and she was at the Grammy Awards.  It was strange to see Snooki singled out when there are always tons of celebrities that attend the show that are not in the music industry, not to mention that she has been invited to the Grammy’s for three years in a row now, so it’s not exactly shocking to see her there.  Snooki wrote;

“I’m still the same person and love bebe. And I’m aloud to be at the Grammys, I’m a fan. Hop off of me.”

It’s a fairly ridiculous to assume that just because celebrities sleep on piles of money that they change what like based on their salary.  Seeing stars like Snooki choosing fashion based on what they like and not because of a label is inspiring, because we as fans like to think that fame hasn’t changed a person and that they are still the same down to earth person they were before.

Did you like Snooki’s fashion choice?  Do you think she should have worn a designer dress to the Grammy’s?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Photo: Snooki, Twitter

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