TV moments of the week: ’30 Rock,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries’ define romance

Frank: the new Don Juan?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it only seems appropriate that at least a few of our TV moments of the week this time around have something to do with romance — even though it was not exactly love in the traditional sense.

“30 Rock” teaches us about love … and Ikea – When you have a show that has been on the air for as long as “30 Rock,” you almost take it for granted after a time. Therefore, we decided that the hour-long Valentine’s Day spectacular from Thursday night deserves some extra credit.

There was really so much to love here — from Frank and Tracy’s attempts to find “love” for The Lutz by getting him to confront vulnerable women to Liz’s theory that Ikea kills relationships, there were laughs around every corner. To make matters even better, the show actually had more of a positive air to it than some of the program’s more cynical half-hour episodes. Hooray for Liz keeping her boyfriend for a while longer!

Damon … and Rebekah? – You could really pick one of many shocking moments from this past episode of “The Vampire Diaries” — from the revelation that Klaus’ mother was out to destroy her whole family to even the dance between Klaus and Caroline.

However, we’re choosing to highlight Damon’s surprise hook-up for Rebekah since it will likely have the greatest impact on the series moving forward. Damon / Elena ‘shippers are going to see their favorite pairing potentially destroyed thanks to what happened, and this is also going to likely change the future between Elena and Stefan now that he doesn’t seem quite as awful.

Chris Mann lights up “The Voice” – “The Voice” kicked off Sunday night after the Super Bowl, and in our minds there’s really no question that Mann gave the best overall performance. Not only were his vocals soaring, but the former “Glee” Warbler just had such an enthusiastic air about him that he was hard not to love.

Of course, we could have just put the whole show down here for a favorite TV moment — over the first three hours, just about everything worked from the strong talent to the funny rapport between the four coaches. Blake Shelton is quickly becoming the star of this show.

Heejun: the new sensation.

Heejun Han’s “Idol” commentary – Not everyone loved Thursday night’s episode of “American Idol,” if for no other reason than that there was actually not a single vocal performance over the course of the entire episode.

However, we actually have to admit that we enjoyed it more than anything we have seen all season thanks in part to contestant Heejun Han’s rather hysterical commentary on one of the other members of his singing group in Richie Law — a cowboy who tried to control what everyone was doing during the performance.

We’re still deciding about what line we enjoyed the most — Heejun’s quip that Law had a “brain stone,” or his decision to now hate cowboys for the rest of his life.

Worst TV Moment of the Week – M.I.A.’s middle finger. There’s really no debate here. Madonna had been waiting for decades for her opportunity to perform on a Super Bowl halftime show, and when she got the invite she was updated by someone desperate to get attention.

Even if you hate Madonna, it was sad to watch something that was not only offensive to her, but also offensive to the entire spectacle that is the game, happen on live TV.

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