‘Once Upon a Time’ scoop: Emilie de Ravin dishes on Rumpelstiltskin

There will be no happy ending

Viewers have quickly become fans of the hit ABC show ‘Once upon a Time’ and while they may not have loved every story line the series has thrown at us, there is one that keeps us motivated to tune in every week and that is the tale behind Robert Carlyle’s Rumpelstiltskin.

‘Once Upon a Time’ has only revealed a few juicy tidbits about one of Storybrooke’s biggest villains and on tonight’s upcoming episode fans will get to dive deeper into his background and learn what his everyday life was like in their alternate universe.

‘Lost’ star Emilie de Ravin will be guest starring on tonight’s episode as Belle as ‘Once Upon a Time’ fleshes out the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  While this may not exactly be the traditional telling of the story since Rumpelstiltskin was never the original Beast the masterminds behind the show have found an interesting way to overlap the two stories as Belle tries to help Rumpelstiltskin change his rather unhappy existence.  Emilie said;

“He’s still Rumpel. He’s the same guy, but it’s going to be cool for the audience to see him in his home environment — to see him in his castle and day-to-day Rumpel life. [They also get to see] how he’s influenced by Belle.  In this episode, for the first time since he changed into this crazy guy, he has somebody whose starting to care for him. And he’s disbelieving of that [but] starting to enjoy it and be a little more open and jovial and sweet. That’s a really different Rumpel than we’ve seen before.”

As with many of the show’s story lines, fans shouldn’t expect a happy ending, however there is one thing we can look forward to and that is future episodes with de Ravin.  She said;

“I do come back, and I’d love to come back for a lot more because I love the show and had a lot of fun with it.  Belle’s a really fun character because she’s a strong young woman. Also, the people on the show are giving actors and fun to work with. That’s hard to find.”

Once Upon a Time’ airs tonight at 8 on ABC – will you be tuning in?

Photo: ABC

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