‘The Bachelor’ preview: Nicki, Kacie B. put Courtney on blast

Is there really trouble?

All season long on “The Bachelor,” Emily has been the only person with the nerve to actually approach Ben Flajnik with some information that Courtney Robertson is not exactly the same person around the girls as she is around him. What did she get out of it? The metaphorical equivalent of a punch to the stomach as Ben told her to “stop it” — and if we were in Emily’s shoes, that may have been enough for us to just walk away.

Thankfully, Monday night’s episode is going to introduce a new dynamic into the mix — Ben potentially having to act dismissive towards a larger group of girls trying to inform him of the truth about Courtney. We certainly agree with the plight of Nicki and Kacie B., and we actually do believe Nicki is being genuine when she says that she wants Ben to be happy no matter what. Is she a little biased considering that she is competing with Courtney (an undisputed favorite) for the man’s heart? Definitely, but this move shows both the level of the competition and just how much Courtney’s off-putting behavior has rubbed the other women the wrong way — to the point that they are willing to jeopardize their own future with Ben to tell him the truth. (These ladies obviously know what happened when Emily brought up the subject.)

At the end of the promo below, you can see Ben put down the rose at what appears to be the famous Ceremony, and asks that he sits down with Courtney before he moves on. Is it possible that he is going to have some sort of heated conversation with her? Maybe, but the real issue in debating his reaction to the Kacie-and-Nicki chat is that we don’t know his reaction to it. He could very well pull Courtney aside just to reassure her that the opinions of the other women are just those of people threatened by his beloved model (and now viral-video star, as seen above) and want to see her leave the show.

At least we can count on one thing in this episode — a beautiful setting courtesy of Belize. We are also at the point in the show where we know all of the women pretty well, and the hometown dates are about to be coming up. There shouldn’t be any roses handed out on the one-on-one dates this time — and this is also the episode where we have the incredibly-awkward group date of just three people who are angry about not getting more alone time.

Photo: ABC

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